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I suspect the Love Bug is back again. And at the end of the dream, I met a man who handed me a hold all bag with something inside it. I asked him who he was and he said he was The Architect and then I woke up. Yesterday in a reply to an e-mail from 1111x1111 binary options 2018 to Mary Jo, the following message appeared in my Outlook e-mail account — [Virus Error] Re: We are the individuation of the Universal Consciousness.

No Thing is Real and all you see is a mirror of yourself. Even the news stories in the Mindlines are just reflections of what is happening in the collective Mind. Over the last year or so I have been including personal pics from around me and have 1111x1111 binary options 2018 to show the Matrix in action. Yesterday, I skyped with my daughter who has moved into a new house and as she scanned the laptop around the room, this was on the wall — Family Love.

Going back to start over. Then this is as you say: 1111x1111 binary options 2018 for researching the names. Nothing made official in this world counts for anything but another tactic in the globalist hoax, advancing the agenda of the Authorities. But for the Archons to make their final move, they must reveal themselves.

Since their nature is deception, they will do so deceptively. Even in showing their presence, playing their trump card on the 1111x1111 binary options 2018 species, they will deceive, because that is all they ever do, all they can do. The test of that moment falls upon humanity: What final measures will be required in the Archontic endgame?

How far will it go before the consummation of the works of the Lord Archon? And when the crucial moment comes, will humanity perhaps be able to use psyops against the intra-species predators themselves? To zap them with their own tactics? 1111x1111 binary options 2018 might be assumed that the Archontic factor in human behavior will play out in several ultimate moves, not just one event.

World War III, part staged and part real. Also, a simulated alien invasion event using holographically cloaked weapons developed in black op programs. 1111x1111 binary options 2018 the case, Archontic deception will not end until the final act of the script 1111x1111 binary options 2018 been dramatized in world history. That final act is written in the Book of Revelation, the age-old script enforced and enacted even by those who do not really believe in it. In an optical illusion, you see with your eyes something that is not actually there, or at least not there in the manner you suppose.

In a psychological illusion, you project into external reality something that exists in your own psyche. In a moral illusion, you attribute to human behavior capacities or conditions 1111x1111 binary options 2018 do not apply to the way humans really act. Moral illusions can be subtle or gross. The subject is a huge quagmire, perfect ground for the Archons to take their last stand. However the Archontic endgame plays out in world events — a false flag alien attack combined with the advent of a holographic messiah, seasoned with a strong dose of nuclear war, perhaps?

I see archons as analogies for the calculating mind…the number and soul crunching part of the Psyche. And aliens as the free id, or the unquantifiable Mysteries of Melanin. To which aspects of ourselves do we pay our allegience?

Have you noticed how unrelenting the numbers are? No room for wiggle. Also want to mention that the hunt for a false or hollow graphic Messiah might have ended by now. Much better to teach a baby or child, the Gospel of Jesus Christ……. Belief systems programming aside for the moment. I tend not too when Frank posts a new one. Thank you for your kind words on the birth of our first grandchild. I say we leave little girls and boys alone altogether. They are born with everything they need to know about the divine.

Just like Evelyn Rose, they are not born sinners. How sick is the reverse of that thought! Ken, the best way to predict profit see the future is to CreATe it. Write it, ACT it. You get what you ask for, dude. Satan is part of your package. You need Satan for your neat tidy script to work.

Much of our mental activity has little to do with rationality and is utterly inaccessible to the conscious mind. The preferences, intentions and decisions that shape our lives are in turn shaped by memories and associations that can get laid down before we even develop the capacity for rational analysis. Aspects of cognition like these determine how we go through life, what causes us distress, which goals we pursue and which we abandon, how we respond to failure, how we respond when other 1111x1111 binary options 2018 hurt us—and how we respond when we hurt them.

Religion derives its power in large part because it shapes these unconscious processes: In this view, the salvation and righteousness of believers is constantly under threat from outsiders and dark spiritual forces. Consequently, Christians need to separate themselves emotionally, spiritually, and socially from the world.

Small wonder then, that many Christians emerge wounded. It is important to remember that this mindset permeates to a deep subconscious level. This is a realm of imagery, symbols, metaphor, emotion, instinct, and primary needs. Nature and nurture merge into a template for viewing the world which then filters every experience. The template selectively allows only the information that confirms their model of reality, creating a subjective sense of its veracity.

On the societal scale, humanity has been going through a massive shift for centuries, transitioning from a supernatural view of a world dominated by forces of good and evil to a natural understanding of 1111x1111 binary options 2018 universe.

The Bible-based Christian population however, might be considered a subset of the general population that is still within the old framework, that is, supernaturalism. But as usual you missed the point of my original message. Yes, much better to take the children 1111x1111 binary options 2018 from the parents and indoctrinate them by the State.

Brave New World here we come. Did you miss the explosion in technology in the last 10 to 20 years? Unfortunately for you, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I make peace, and create evil: What a snooze fest. You are becoming Satan incarnate. Little bit more each day. If light produces their sort of visions and constant hellucinations, I want no part of it. Ken to me is like a SIM produced in the image of archons.

I think the collective psyche contains that relentless, calculating seed and that belief, value and financial systems preference it. This is how mass hysteria works…. I post to innerstand myself. This sentence in your post really packs a punch: My 1111x1111 binary options 2018 to that is: In those moments I believe I contribute more to the world than I ever could babbling a script or hunting demons and fairies.

At some point we will rise above them. It is in a way…. We are witness to the beginning of TPTB destroying themselves: The Ferguson protests pictures had the same thing going on.

1111x1111 binary options 2018 and clouds and the colors that remind me of a star nebula, like the pillars of creation. Interesting that the victims in both cases have color names. Michael Brown Freddie Gray. A star is born? Interesting that the initial protest started out as a peaceful one then soon after turned violent.

Remember, nothing is what it seems. All the images coming to us from Baltimore are just images. Whether they come from video or cameras or Iphones they are all just images. They have no life of their own beyond what we give them. We are the ones that breathe 1111x1111 binary options 2018 into these stories — just stories 1111x1111 binary options 2018 all they are — with our belief. All these stories are brought to us from a black box. The TV screen, computer screen, the screen on our phones.

If you went down to Baltimore right now you might see some cops and people milling around but those images we see on the news come from somewhere else. There are black cubes all over the 1111x1111 binary options 2018.

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