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Some SMEs can be self consumed, preoccupied, distant, best options assistance inc comments even rude. But why do these behaviors exist? This article briefly describes how to interact with people who might be difficult to motivate and how to work with people whose priorities may differ from yours. Reviews are necessary to assure the integrity and quality of any document.

Timely reviews keep your schedule on track and those of the people who work for you. When such reviews are cursory, incomplete, or best options assistance inc comments worse, skipped, the results are lower-quality products and typical bugs or errors in either commission or omission.

It seems logical for SMEs to do whatever is necessary to advance the project and produce a complete product suite that includes documentation.

Looking at the real reasons why some SMEs only casually review documentation can give you insight on how best to manage this issue. Taking time to analyze and understand these issues then gives you the opportunity to negotiate, align, reorganize, or reschedule accordingly.

Best options assistance inc comments understands — or at least should understand — the need for schedules. By definition, schedules run projects and determine when any effort is delivered. When a large project best options assistance inc comments undertaken, the master schedule determines the start and end times, and what happens in between impacts the end time.

When delays are encountered within a project, one of two things occurs: Slack time is the time in a project where multiple parallel best options assistance inc comments are processing and the individual completion times are independent of each other. All such tasks must, however, converge at a milestone date that determines a completed phase of a project.

Many tasks are intensive at different project phases and typically things go wrong or are under estimated in complexity or staff hours or both. Computers crash, trucks are late, weather closes the building, death in the family, etc. Regardless, the choices of a project end date or a milestone date are always the same: Planning for such known outages and understanding that at these times SMEs are worked harder can help keep the project-completion risk factor low.

Scott for quicker delivery. Scott had just told Captain Kirk it would take four hours. Scott used is that he always allowed for this behavior and usually doubled or tripled his original time estimate. Some people are reasonable best options assistance inc comments provide realistic time estimates in a project plan while others do not. Allow for such unrealistic requests and try to best options assistance inc comments enough slack time into your schedule to be used when such crisis times arise.

Then, the chance of overworking your team or placing unreasonable demands upon your SMEs is less. Proper planning always yields positive results. As one famous quote goes: As stated, there are two choices when schedules appear to be compromised: Taking up the slack is always preferred, especially early on in a project.

Once a delay slips a milestone, it has a snowball effect on the entire project. The attitude of the team changes and the enthusiasm and excitement wanes.

Emotion is what fuels productivity and inspiration — never forget this. So taking up the slack is the preferred choice when a schedule appears in jeopardy. The choices you have in doing so are 1 work overtime, and 2 work smarter. If you have adequately anticipated such outages in your plan, overtime is not necessary. But things happen and even the best plans change. So the option of working harder seems to be the best choice. And your colleagues who are managing their parts of the project are all thinking the same way.

As a result, everyone begins to work longer hours trying to catch up. Your team feels this pinch and SMEs do also. Morale at this time begins to decline as does family and social life. Productivity and quality also suffer when project deadlines loom, especially if there is more work left in the month than the time to complete it.

It all begins with communication. In communicating, each person tries to understand what the other is saying. When stress arises, communication changes since the minds of both communicators are distracted. Focusing on an issue is clouded by other pressures and the ability to devote complete attention to something may not be available. For the most part, smaller project issues can be ignored and solved later. Best options assistance inc comments this fact to an SME helps relieve the stress, since some SMEs feel that reviewing a document is too time consuming to commit total focus and address it properly.

Decide what is critical to review and what is not. What you will find is that an SME most likely will do the review and do it thoroughly since they have the option to just briefly look at it. Professionals, like SMEs, all have pride in their work and try to do the best they can regardless of the task.

If an SME knows that the entire document is not required to be reviewed, you just might find that the whole document is carefully scrutinized, since once the review begins, professionalism takes hold. Giving an SME the option to be brief can also help in other commitments.

The primary job they have been hired to do is not to review documents, best options assistance inc comments rather write code, design something, market something, and so on. Not over-working or over-reviewing a document gives an SME more time to devote to their primary responsibility. Telling the SME that you are concerned about their workload also helps create good review habits.

Despite your best efforts to coerce and flatter an SME, outages still arise. Once an outage is reached, best options assistance inc comments clearly what happened. Being concerned rather than looking to place blame is always the best attitude to take when moving a project back best options assistance inc comments schedule. In the project-planning phase, most managers recall issues with which they are familiar and plan a schedule accordingly.

Project-management professionals understand that there are four types of issues involving known problems and unknown problems: The last category is the hardest to predict, but is typically what creeps into a schedule and causes scheduling slips. Typically, these are unanticipated decision variables and can be tied to personality traits, external influences, illnesses, and even disasters. How SMEs interact with your writers can be predicted to a point. In longer projects, this issue even becomes more likely to occur.

Simply put, things change in such plans to a point to where even the best brainstorming cannot forecast. Allowing yourself to be human and including time for such best options assistance inc comments in your plan is how to successfully address such issues. Just admitting to yourself that you cannot think of everything in a project plan is the first step to success. Some people just take more time to do something than others [more detailed, longer talkers, writes best options assistance inc comments everything, etc.

Delegating specific work to a person who is good at that type of task is how most managers decide who works on what part of a project. Matching skills sets with tasks usually works in producing results on documentation quality, but matching personalities in interacting with SMEs must also be considered in estimating project completion times and schedules.

For example, writer Jill is outgoing and knows everything about this widget. SME Jan designs these widgets and is a total introvert. How best options assistance inc comments you think these two people are going to interact? It may be better to put writer Joyce who knows a bit about the widget but is not as extroverted on this project since their personalities are more compatible.

Some people just cannot get along with each other. When assigning two people to work together with such known issues, the results can be easily predicted — and totally avoided. What may appear to take longer in a writing point of view may actually take much less time in a scheduling perspective once personalities are considered. Here, communication is essential between team managers. Ask questions at meetings about personality quirks and preferences to get an idea of who would be a good match for the work.

Taking the time in the planning stage to match SMEs to the best writers will help keep your project on schedule. Unknown unknowns creep into every plan. If you have the best SME-to-writer match possible, also consider that your choice may be improper.

What you thought would be a good match may in fact be a disaster. A replacement or a swap of best options assistance inc comments is always an option. Create a list of likely people to do the work and understand how assignment changes will disrupt other projects.

Most of the time personality issues resolve themselves. Making a staffing change in the middle of a project is always risky but sometimes necessary.

Only you and the advice of your management team can determine when this is appropriate. Weigh the values of changing assignments against the outcome of all projects involved. Remember that you lead and best options assistance inc comments team follows.

Making hasty decisions causes your team to question your leadership; making no decision can do the same. Communication with your management team gives you best options assistance inc comments as to when or if a change is necessary. Always adjust your plan. Monitoring progress and how reviews are going allows you to keep your pulse on the schedule. Changes in the project will always filter into your plan. Be informed and stay current on all aspects of a project and understand how changes impact your portion of the schedule.

In your own team meetings, best options assistance inc comments out what issues arise in SME interaction. After filtering out inappropriate comments or rumors, get to the truth of an issue and discuss strategies with your team.

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