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Set the source and target server type. Klicken Sie bewertungen jede optionen Erstellen. Select the target SQL Server version that you plan to migrate to. Select the report type. Select Add Sources to open the connection flyout menu. Enter the SQL server instance name, choose the Authentication type, set the correct connection properties, and then select Connect. Select the databases to assess, and then select Add.

You can remove multiple databases by selecting them while holding the Shift or Ctrl key, and then clicking Remove Sources. Klicken Sie auf Weiter um die Analyse zu starten. Click Next to start the assessment. The duration of the assessment depends on the number of databases added and the schema size bewertungen jede optionen each database. Results are displayed for each database as soon as they are available. Select the database that has completed the assessment, and then switch between Compatibility issues and Feature recommendations bewertungen jede optionen using the switcher.

Review the compatibility issues across all compatibility levels supported by the target SQL Server version that you selected on the Options page. You can review compatibility issues by analyzing the affected object and its details for every issue identified under Bewertungen jede optionen changesBehavior changesand Deprecated features.

Similarly, you can review feature recommendation across Performance bewertungen jede optionen, Storageand Bewertungen jede optionen areas. Funktion Empfehlungen behandelt eine Reihe von Features wie z.

Review the results for both categories by selecting the specific options. The SQL Server feature parity category provides a comprehensive set of recommendations, alternative approaches available in Azure, and mitigating steps.

Sie hilft bei diesen Aufwand in Ihren Migrationsprojekten zu planen. It helps you plan this effort in your migration projects. Es stellt Empfehlungen bewertungen jede optionen sich diese Probleme beheben bereit. It then provides recommendations to help you address those issues. You can then analyze the data at your own convenience. You can run multiple assessments concurrently and view the state of the assessments by opening the All Assessments page.

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