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Technology commercialization has its challenges. However, resources and funding programs are available to support technology development for small and medium sized enterprises Binari commercialization in Alberta. In Calgary, Calgary Technologies Inc. Binari commercialization does this impact licensing professionals, counsel, advisors, SMEs and entrepreneurs? What do you need to know about commercialization support within Alberta?

Binari commercialization inventions can transform our lives. Can we binari commercialization light bulbs to transmit data wirelessly? Somebody tell Alec Balwin to invest. Binari commercialization use of visible light for data transmission is not new. His patented system was called the Photophone.

The Act makes it mandatory for providers of Internet services to report incidents of online child pornography. For more details about reporting obligations, see: Two of my favourite topics: Trade-mark law protects the brand LEGOand trade-marks can live on and on, as long as the owner a uses the mark, and b continues to renew the trade-mark registration.

This reflects the sparring between these two competitors for market share in the building-toy industry. Lego has suffered similar set-backs in other countries — for example, a decision in the EU came to binari commercialization same conclusion that functional elements of a trade-mark are not protectable. Binari commercialization, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Mozilla and other internet companies are binari commercialization in on the protest.

Over to you, U. Related Reading from slaw. We associate such accounts with social media tools such as Facebook, which are deeply personal in nature. But is it really any different from any online account that you would use in the course of employment, such as a workplace subscription to a data library, or a collaboration tool such as Salesforce. In its lawsuit against the former employee Update: The law is not clear in this interesting area, which overlaps with IP law, binari commercialization law, and the law of trade secrets.

US litigation should provide some clarity on these issues as binari commercialization emerges more binari commercialization. To date, there do not appear to be any Canadian cases that consider this point. Who Owns Social Media Contacts: Trade-marks traditionally protect visible brands — a design, binari commercialization or slogan. The brand that is visible on packaging or advertising is like a tool to assist consumers so binari commercialization know, when they consider a purchase, who stands behind the product or service.

There are several problems associated with scent marks. First, they must in many countries, including Canada overcome the hurdle of visual or graphical depiction in the trade-mark application. And perhaps most importantly, scent marks suffer from an inherent subjectivity that is difficult to overcome: How can the problem of trade-mark confusion be solved in light binari commercialization this subjectivity, where, for example two brands of tennis balls have similar binari commercialization scents applied to them?

Nontraditional Trade-Marks in Canada. We start with gestures. Characters in movies such as Avatar, Minority Report, Ironman and The Matrix all used hand gestures to manipulate computers.

Not all that futuristic anymore, at least not for anyone who has used a Wii or Kinect to play games. Binari commercialization you get worried that Bill Gates can stop you from gesturing your hands in the air, there are a few points to make: If issued, these patents could provide valuable ammunition in future patent battles involving the use of gestures in conjunction with mobile devices.

An employer binari commercialization confidential information with an employee. In part 3 of our 3-part employment law series, we look at an issue critical binari commercialization many technology-based businesses: Courts in Binari commercialization have made it clear that departing employees owe certain duties to their employer. Many of these duties expire when the employment relationship ends. Those obligations continue binari commercialization the information is no longer confidential or proprietary, or binari commercialization periods have passed.

Executives Depart with Secrets and IP. For several years running, we have predicted that copyright reform will come binari commercialization Canada. It might actually happen in There is good reason for optimism this time: First, the Supreme Court of Canada heard a clutch of copyright cases in Decemberand their decision is expected in the first half of Change will come, one way or another.

In another sense, it really does capture a new way of doing business for many IT services. However, the law is still not yet in force. Draft regulations are being debated and negotiated, and even if they do come into force inthey will almost certainly be subject to a grace period which will delay implementation until lateor maybe even Watch for our review of the changes, and the first decisions that have been released under the new rules. Mandatory Binari commercialization Guidelines January binari commercialization, Category: Battle of the Blocks January 24th, Category: However, patents expire after 20 years.

Functional elements cannot be protected. Industrial design protection expires after 10 years. Lego has registered dozens of industrial designs to protect a variety of building bricks and parts. It applies to the shape of the products or the packaging, such as the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle. However, utilitarian features cannot be protected. Please cue the binari commercialization three horsemen of the apocalypse.

The EU permits scent marks as long as they can be described or depicted graphically. Scent marks are capable of being registered, and there is no requirement to sumbit a drawing or graphical depiction of the mark. The USPTO has accepted the binari commercialization of Plumeria blossoms for sewing thread and embroidery yarn, and apple cider scent or fragrance in association with office supplies.

Scent marks are registrable, though there is a requirement that a mark must be graphically depicted. In Australia, only one binari commercialization mark has been successfully registered: In Binari commercialization at least, this is one frontier that we will watch from the sidelines. Nontraditional Trade-Marks in Canada Calgary — Check your employment agreements to verify that this is covered.

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