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Doctors are expected to report people who have a medical condition that prevents them from being able to drive safely. Joe Saltarski, an year-old who lost his license earlier this year, thinks the current way doctors test senior drivers is unfair. At age 87, he drove across the country to move closer to his son in Chilliwack, British Columbia. The first doctor he saw in the province administered a test, called SIMARD MDaimed at detecting cognitive impairments that can interfere with driving.

For one part of the test, he was asked to name some vegetables he would see in a grocery store. He failed that test because the examiner said he exceeded the speed limit in a school zone which Saltarski disputes. And when he took a second test, the examiner failed him for driving too slow. Due to the failed tests, Saltarski no longer has a license. He misses being able to go shopping or to the barber on his own, but the psychological blow of losing his license has hit him the hardest.

When doctors recommend a patient not drive, it can seriously damage a doctor-patient relationship. It can also have negative repercussions for patients. In other cases, however, family members have been pleading with their loved one not to get behind binary option 90 heart of the father wheel, to no avail, and appreciate a decision from an objective authority. Importantly, however, when it comes to the risk they pose to others, teenagers and drivers in their 20s binary option 90 heart of the father much more likely to kill other binary option 90 heart of the father on the road than seniors are.

One study from found that Ontario doctors only assessed driving capabilities among their patients who were diagnosed or suspected of having dementia a third of the time.

Currently, he and his team are exhaustively examining various indicators of health status and driving habits for around 1, senior drivers over a six-year period. And how do we prepare for when they are no longer able to drive? In Alberta, transportation authorities can restrict people to driving during the day time or within a certain distance from their homes, for example.

Do you think restricted licenses for example, no expressway driving should be introduced for seniors? Yes, add me to your mailing list.

Thank God for welfare. I am livid, and I seriously want to see that doctor piece of crud dead. To be clear, physicians only report and administer cognitive testing. Physicians do not decide and definitely do not revoke licenses or driving privileges. Ultimately, that is the decision of the Ministry of Transport or government insurance agencies. While reporting a condition to the Ministry of Health could damage the patient-doctor relationship, I think the key is in effective communication with the patient.

Yes patients will be unhappy and feel their independence has been taken away, but physicians need to highlight why a concern is raised and why a report is made.

That would be okay if the physician actually talked with the senior. Some have a God complex. High insurance rates for young drivers reflect their increased risk. If it is recognized that elder drivers also are in a high risk category, maybe raising insurance rates would encourage retirement from driving.

It remains difficult to detect the worst young or old drivers given our current systems for evaluation. Hello, my husband had his license revoked because it took him 3 seconds longer to do a certain test.

There is a program called drive able. They will put you through similar tests, but the final descion is made with an actual driving test, with a driving instructor in the front with you and someone in the back seat who will be watching your emotions, and response time. But it was worth it to see my hubby happy again. Obviously he past the drivers test. He was not computer literate. Driving is a privilege not a right.

I recently went through this with my 75 year old binary option 90 heart of the father. Better angry than having a serious accident on the road injuring self or others. How can we frame the choice to protect self and others with dignity? We went through this with our mom as well. We were lucky enough her car broke binary option 90 heart of the father and we just made up excuses for awhile why she could not get another car.

Just found out she has alzheimers but there was no way we were going to let her drive, injuring another person would be on our conscious. Both my parents reached a point when they could no longer drive. My mother, on the other hand, had hers taken away. I hate telling anyone that they do not meet the criteria for driving binary option 90 heart of the father. I feel for the doctors who have to rely on softer issues to report a driver.

All of this concern about senior drivers is based on the general myth that once you reach a certain age, you are incompetent and suffer from dementia, and any special testing of seniors is discrimination and without justification. I have spent the last two years researching this very subject, and all of the major statistics in Canadathe United States, Europe and Australia, show that the senior drivers are the safest on the roads, have less cognitive impairment than all of the other age drivers.

The elderly have Seniors have fewer at fault accidents, but have a high fatal results when involved in accidents, not because they were responsible for the accident, but because their aging bodies and immune systems are weaker.

For a complete list of all research and commentary, please go to my website, at http: Maybe if you count 65 as elderly which they like to do in the stats — lump 30 years of people together you reach She finally fractured her skull falling down the stairs — her doctor must have dementia to not notice it.

Mow down a jogger on the sidewalk, get a 1 year licence suspension and a small fine, drop one on your driveway and not notice they were on your hood, get nothing — both cases in Ontario. So I suggest you get over your ridiculous assertions. Really doubt this statistic: Something is missing here I think. Just like travel insurance doubling at age Rules are archaic and sd be individual.

At age 75 a physical medical examination is required to renew a drivers license. Nothing about the test is disclosed or explained to the senior, nor is permission requested to perform such a test. People do not even know this is about dementia. Many seniors fail the SIMARD—not because they are exhibiting signs of dementia, but by the nature of the test and how it is scored.

If a senior cannot afford to pay each time tested you guessed right— no license. There are also others who make the same claim. In the mean time, seniors are abused and victimized by this unjust protocol every day. Testing should be extended to all age groups especially to those who have had multiple traffic offences and those who have caused serious injuries to others.

The vast majority of fatalities and serious injury are not caused by the seniors. Statistics are available on the Alberta Department of Transportation website. Can I copy your article for my email or Facebook to my family in Alberta? Life can be difficult for seniors. So much changes as we age. Over the years, a senior can find himself dealing with the loss of their professional life, loss through the death of a spouse, the loss of once loved homes as they downsize.

Sometimes they lose their eyesight. For some, holding on to the car keys represents holding on to their autonomy and their independence. It can be a challenge for family members to confront seniors on safe driving issues. Some families report the conflict creates lasting anger and acrimony. A recent visitor to our BDD — Beyond Driving With Dignity facebook page, tells the story of an elderly aunt who had a new vehicle for just one year. Instead of ignoring this important issue for fear of creating upset in the family, and continuing to allow the senior binary option 90 heart of the father put their own life, and the lives of others at risk, concerned family members can now contact the professionals at BDD — Beyond Driving With Dignity, Canada.

A specially trained expert will come to your residence or other convenient location, spending one on one time with the senior. For more information, please contact: I did send a reply but I am not sure binary option 90 heart of the father went through.

Is there a cost and if so how much. Ability to drive safely should not determine by age binary option 90 heart of the father by overall physical and mental health.

There need to be innovative and sensible traffic safety policies to help our binary option 90 heart of the father citizen and their continue safe mobility. As a driver trainer I work with a lot of seniors. They all have to be assessed on an individual basis. Some are very good, and then the other end of the spectrum is that some are really bad and are a menace.

The most frequent faults are lack of observation such as failure to check blind spots. This then followed by unsafe left turns that are coupled with improper stopping at intersections rolling stops. As seniors get on in age they fail to comprehend the speed of an approaching vehicle that might interfere with their right-of-way. Therefore while interviewing a senior crucial information may be missed.

This is a politically sensitive issue as politician and civil servants do not want to alienate the voting senior.

Doctors run the same problem as there are high emotions are at stake. A simple solution would be that each five 5 years, at least in Ontario as driver licenses are being reissued, a mandatory test binary option 90 heart of the father be done to all applicants. I agree that everyone, regardless of age, should have a drivers test every five years. Obviously this is too expensive and impractical and we have to focus our resources on those who have multiple accidents, multiple speeding tickets and those free forex and binary best signals provider in the world in society that are more likely to have cognitive and physical disabilities.

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According to reporting by San Diego Reader editor Matt Potter, the father of the suspected Colorado mass murderer is almost certainly an anti-fraud scientist at a San Diego company. He is Robert M. He is listed as living at the same Rancho Penasquitos address on Sparren Ave. Holmes's picture appears to be the same person who was shown on TV entering a car to begin a trip to Denver.

FICO spokesperson Kate Sellers Blatt would not confirm that Holmes worked for the firm, saying in an email, "Out of respect for the privacy of our employees, as a matter of policy FICO does not disclose information about individuals.

Over the last ten years, he has developed predictive models for financial services, and credit and fraud risk models. He is one of several scientists who patented a predictive model system used to detect telecommunications fraud. After the address was posted, the Reader removed it. I wasn't consulted but didn't argue the point. I agree, the specific address is not relevent and does invade the parents privacy. I feel for the parents, they are going to have a son in prison for the rest of his life.

No parent needs that kind of heart ache. The Reader editors who took out the address would agree with you. The UT has also been criticized by stating the family's location in a way that an alert reader could figure out the address.

Given that the address had been used on TV in the morning, was on the Internet, and is listed in the white pages, I felt there was not a problem giving the address, particularly since the house was being guarded conspicuously by neighbors.

But I was overruled and never protested a peep. Not exactly sure what comparisons can be drawn between this guy and Ted Kaczynski. To me, this guy is closer to a Jared Laughner type, and even that is kind of a stretch. Jared Laughner had previously diagnosed mental problems as I recall, and was definitely giving off strong mental disturbance signals prior to his deadly outburst, and he did not have anything near the intellect as this guy did-as I recall Laughner was in a community college.

Regardless, no one does an act like this without some deep rooted mental disorder IMO. You have to have a disorder to do this. Normal people don't do these things.

According to the internet, Don Bauder age 76 is almost certainly a journalist currently writing for the San Diego Reader. Don Bauder appears to be the same person who reported the private address later redacted of two innocent people who may be related to a murder suspect - for no apparent or useful reason.

Bauder has a Master's degree in Journalism from the Univeristy of Wisconsin. Again, the address was hardly private this morning. If the Reader redacted it I haven't looked , the editors must have had a good reason. There would be few things more horrible than what these parents are going through.

I just read that in February , James Holmes attended an interview weekend for the graduate interdisciplinary program in neuroscience at the University of Arizona.

It was reported that his application to the program was rejected. Some might also remember that on January 8th, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and thirteen people were injured and six others were killed in a shooting there.

It has also been reported that after he was taken into custody Holmes referred to himself as "the Joker". I am not sure of the relationship that you cite, but some interesting things have come out in recent hours. One is Holmes bought weapons and munitions online for several months before the shooting.

He earlier expressed an unusual interest in comic character villains, including those from Batman. The timeline is interesting. He bought munitions online for three months -- right after, possibly, he ran into trouble in graduate school. Allegedly, he left school voluntarily, but the pressures of graduate school can be tough. According to the Aurora Police Chief, the guns were all purchased locally and legally within the last 2 months.

I believe that he bought the AR and one of the Glocks at 2 separate Gander Mountains stores and the other Glock and the Remington shotgun were purchased on separate occasions at a Denver Bass Pro Shops location. The Chief also said that nearly 7, rounds and multiple magazines for those weapons were purchased online. In addition, Colorado is apparently one of two states, Arizona being the other, that don't restrict the sales of semi-automatic assault rifles, in this case the AR In fact, in Colorado, As of , it is illegal for any local government or law enforcement agency to "enact an ordinance, regulation or other law that prohibits the sale, purchase or possession of a firearm that a person may lawfully sell, purchase or possess under state or federal law.

He also purchased the tactical gear he was wearing online, from a place called TacticalGear. I saw the interviews with the Aurora police chief twice. It sickens me that someone can purchase all that ammunition online.

On the other hand, I don't like governments prying into citizens' online purchases. Colorado now has experienced Columbine, the shootings at the Bailey high school, and now Aurora, but nobody thinks the state will do anything about the ability to get guns at will. I have a wide variety of firearms.

A few of them are over yrs old. Some are family heirlooms. A couple were WWII issue. Each and everyone of them is in working condition and is fired on a regular basis. I have shotguns, rifles, high-powered and scoped hunting rifles, revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. None of them are assault rifles. The M-1 is closest, but it doesn't meet the standard. My wife and both daughters all trained in firearms and fire arm safety and the have each fired every one of them.

I have never purchased ammunition on line. I want to see the brass and the quality of the load of anything I am going to fire. In the case of a couple of the older guns, they are custom loads that I have made locally.

There is absolutely no reason for any private individual to have rounds, BUT it is not illegal. And really, in my opinion, it doesn't make any difference whether or not it can be bought online. Unless or until there is a national data base on ammunition sales, it will continue to be available. And unless gun laws similar to those in England are enacted, people will still have guns in the UK in there were 0. I don't think there is even a prayer that will happen and quite honestly, I want to keep my guns.

The homicide rate of gun control countries-like England- is no different than the US on a statistical level, they have less gun violence, but far more knife and other weapon violence. That is one reason I hate seeing the stats on gun violence, because it is meant to imply that there is less killing going on in countries tat have gun control. I don't disagree with you in the slightest on that point.

But I am sure that moviegoers in England don't have many worries about a masked knifeman attacking a crowded theatre, killing 12 and wounding However I would be more worried about having someone pulling a knife on me on a London street than someone pulling a gun. Again, I would like to see the stats that SurfPup quotes. Are they put out by the NRA? I have not seen the data you refer to, SurfPup, and until I do see them, I am skeptical. Remind me never to burgle your house. That's a lot of firepower that you and your family have there.

Generally speaking, burglars strike when they believe no one to be home. Now if you tried to rob me, well that's a completely different thing. Actually, it's not as "bad" as it seems. Some of the weapons are in a glass case in my office. The Winchester and the Colt from the late 's, my dad's old Army issue. But all of the ammunition is locked up in a safe that you wouldn't be able to find if you didn't know where it was.

And except for a Mossburg and a Glock, all of the others are locked up as well. The Mossberg and Glock are for our protection, we also have one of each at our place in PS. They are both readily accessible, but if you don't know where they are, you won't find them without tearing the house apart. But yeah, we feel relatively secure.

I would like to say though, that despite the fact that over the last 35 or so years, we have felt the need to get one of the guns out on 3 or 4 occasions, fortunately we have never actually come close to needing to use it. OK, then I won't rob you. Nobody should be afraid of an M-1 if I am the one holding it. I couldn't hit you at 5 feet, as I proved in the Army more than 50 years ago.

Actually, at such close range, a shotgun is a better bet for you. At meters with 00 buck, you're probably talkin about maybe a inch or so spread and those 9 pellets are gonna leave one big hole in someone. With a Glock , I'm sure you would be able to hit the target from that range and all you'd have to do is keep firing. It's hard for most people to rapidly sight and fire on a close target with a long gun. My father used to hunt ducks and pheasant with a shotgun.

I felt so sorry for those beautiful birds when he brought them home. And I hated picking the shot out of the birds when we ate them. It wasn't like eating pheasant under glass at an upscale restaurant. Just having the firearm displayed and ready to use would stop I have been at home during a "hot" burglary, and I wished I had a firearm then.