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Ethics in Government 4. Transparency in Government 5. Develop a Proactive Economic Development Strategy. This fiscal challenge was due to many factors, including both falling revenues and rising costs. In addition to several cost binary options strategy 5 minutes 15 min no loss airsoft measures derived from more efficient operations and a more prudent analysis of capital expenditures, the Town has implemented a comprehensive multiyear budget planning process, and Town Governance changes to save money and improve the delivery of Town services.

These cost control strategies have achieved significant budget savings since Where appropriate, these lessons learned should be applied to the County budgeting process.

The County should review all expenditures and investigate opportunities to save money in both operations and capital expenditures, support creative solutions to our budget challenges, and improve the delivery of County services. This effort should consider the potential for streamlined management to lower costs and provide more efficient service.

Finally, a more responsive governance system should take advantage of state grant and economic development opportunities. In addition to cost savings, the Binary options strategy 5 minutes 15 min no loss airsoft Review Commission believes greater accountability and effectiveness will result from the proposed Binary options strategy 5 minutes 15 min no loss airsoft revisions. For a variety of reasons, and despite repeated criticism by the Albany Times Union newspaper, the County Legislature has resisted putting the proposed changes before the voters so that they can choose whether or not to make the Charter revisions.

This government belongs to the voters, and they have the right to decide the structure of the County Charter that was created to serve the people. None of these changes proposed by the County Charter Review Commission in will be presented to the voters this coming November.

Voters need to understand that some proposed Charter revisions that have been developed and endorsed by the County Legislature are quite different from the original Charter Review Commission proposals and in some cases even worse than the old Charter elements that would be replaced, according to some critics of these recent actions by our incumbent County Legislature.

Ethics in Government Ethical standards in government are critical to the effective performance of governmental services at any level. Albany County needs to recognize the desire of its citizens for decision-making that is devoid of any conflict of interest on the part of decision makers. A strong code of ethics in government is critical for its citizens to trust, accept and support the decisions of their government officials.

In the Town of Bethlehem established an Ethics Board that has been operating since the beginning of Something similar needs to be put in place and empowered to reinforce the public trust in County government. A second issue relating to ethics in government is campaign finance reform. We have seen large sums of money enter state and local elections in recent years. Sometimes this money is coming from outside an election district. Sometimes it spawns negative ad campaigns that misinform voters.

These practices do nothing to generate trust in officials once they are elected and they raise the issue of a conflict of interest between the binary options strategy 5 minutes 15 min no loss airsoft interest and that of very large donors.

Transparency in Government Like a strong code of ethics, it is an important underpinning for the trust that citizens must have for their government officials if they are to accept and support the decisions made by those binary options strategy 5 minutes 15 min no loss airsoft. Bethlehem has made great strides in recent administrations towards greater openness, and many of these best practices, such as video recording public meetings and web posting proposed legislation before official votes of the legislature, should be considered whenever it is not current practice within County government.

Develop a Proactive Economic Development Strategy The Capital District is home to many new industries, technology development activities and research activities associated with the Green Economy of the future. The time is now to figure out how Albany County can work with its municipal partners in a coordinated strategy to take best advantage of all the private and public investment that is taking place in this region.

As a national leader in the development of this new innovation-based economy, the Capital District is poised binary options strategy 5 minutes 15 min no loss airsoft continue growing its Green Economy as outside investment continues to flow into the region. Albany County has many assets that position it well to participate in this new economic activity. But it needs a flexible and dynamic strategy to take advantage of the economic forces impacting the region over the next several years. Sustainable economic development in Albany County must rely on a multi-faceted approach that builds on the foundation that is already here in our community.

We are fortunate to have many small businesses that call Albany County home. We are fortunate to be part of the Capital District of New York State, a region that has seen private sector job growth due to numerous state and private sector investments in nanotechnology, new green technologies like solar, wind and biomass energy systems, energy efficiency and environmental technologies.

We have an agricultural sector that has been shrinking over the last few decades but now is facing a potential rebirth as the local food movement gains momentum both in the Capital District and downstate.

Finally, Albany County is blessed with tremendous intellectual capital with a highly trained and educated workforce. An important principle of sustainable economic development is the preservation of the environmental assets and natural resources that not only contribute to the economic wealth of the community but also provide the clean air, water and open space that protect our health and maintain the character of our communities.

These environmental assets are often public goods that provide benefits to all that live in our communities across the region. These environmental assets as well as the man made built environment are now threatened by the potential impacts of climate change if we do not rapidly reduce our dependence on fossil fuel resources, which are a significant factor influencing the binary options strategy 5 minutes 15 min no loss airsoft.

Fortunately, we are positioned to benefit from a move away from fossil fuels as we have the opportunity to see our local energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors grow rapidly as the Green Economy builds momentum in response to local, national and global trends. From this foundation, Albany County has many assets to build on as we move forward into the 21st century and participate in the economic evolution taking place in the Capital District.

Develop a Proactive Economic Development Strategy 1.

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