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In this situation, the affiliate fee obtained through fraudulent trading using such accounts shall be deemed cancelled. Company shall be entitled to freeze the account used by Affiliate other binatex complaints as intended.

Upon registration on affiliate. Customer undertakes to supply valid, accurate and current personal data and must not misrepresent himself as another individual or entity. In the event of a change in details, Customer is required to notify Company promptly or within 30 days after the change.

Customer's details that were or will be provided by Customer when visiting affiliate. Company will not disclose such information unless required to do so by the applicable law, regulation or judgment to the minimum extent required. As a precondition for making Transactions on the Website, Company shall be entitled to demand that Customer provide certain ID or other documents. Unless Customer provides Company with such documents, the Company shall have discretion to binatex complaints Customer's account for any length of time or binatex complaints the Account indefinitely.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the Confidentiality Policy, Company shall have discretion to deny Account to any individual or entity with or without reason. In the event of registration on affiliate. Company may not disclose details of its current or former Customers unless Customer gives written consent to such disclosure or such disclosure binatex complaints required by the current law or to verify the identity of Customer.

Customer's details shall only be disclosed to Company's employees in charge of Binatex complaints Accounts. Any such details must be stored on electronic or other media in compliance binatex complaints the requirements of the applicable law.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that all or some of the information about Customer's Account and Transactions will be kept on file by Company and can be used by Company in case of a dispute between Customer and Company.

Company shall have the right but not the duty to review and check any information provided by Customer for any purpose. Binatex complaints hereby accepts and agrees that Company shall be free from obligations to Customer in the context of the review or verification of information referred to above. Company is required binatex complaints take measures to implement and update on a regular basis improved data security procedures with a view to protecting private information about Customers and their Accounts.

In order to ensure non-disclosure of Customer's details on affiliate. Company disclaims any liability for any damage or loss caused to Customer as a result of misuse including prohibited and insecure use or storage of his user name binatex complaints password, including any such use by third parties, whether or not authorized by Binatex complaints.

Customer shall be fully responsible for using affiliate. Company shall not be responsible for any such use, including audit of the uses to which Customer puts his Account.

Customer is required to forthwith notify Company's customer support binatex complaints any suspicion of unauthorized use of Account. Every website can send its cookie file to Customer's browser if allowed by its settings; however for the purposes of confidentialityCustomer's browser only allows the website access to the cookie binatex complaints that it already downloaded to Customer's computer, but not to the cookie files from other websites.

Many websites use cookie files whenever the user visits them for the purposes of online traffic monitoring. By changing the settings and properties binatex complaints his browser, Customer can configure his browser to block cookies from his computer.

The cookie files stored on the hard binatex complaints can be used for anonymous identification in the event of Customer's repeat visit to the website and identification of the website pages most popular with our Customers.

However, for the purposes of confidentiality and security, Company binatex complaints not store Customers' personal data, including their name, personal details, email addresses etc. The use of cookie files is a widespread phenomenon. Most major websites use this technology today. The cookie files stored on the hard disk of Customer's device enable affiliate. Binatex complaints earning Sign in. About company Binatex complaints Promotions Strategies Articles.

You are signing in binatex complaints user mail. We have resent password to your email address user email.

If binatex complaints didnt receive email this time, please contact out support service: We have sent password to email user email. Please contact our support team: Legal information Affiliate agreement.

Powers and liability of the parties 4. Review of claims binatex complaints disputes 5.

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