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Wir wollen, dass ihr wisst, dass wir fleissig mit Microsoft daran arbeiten, das Feedback umzusetzen," so Remedy. Die Entwickler schauen sich ganz genau in den Foren um und geben laut eigenen Angaben ihr Bestes, um die Probleme zu beseitigen. Besonders die Framerate-Probleme geniessen eine grosse Aufmerksamkeit. Ein kommendes Title-Update, das in naher Zukunft erscheinen wird, soll sich dem widmen. Comw arbeitet options seht ihr eine Liste mit bekannten Problemen, was teilweise auch die Xbox One betrifft.

A solution to this issue is already being worked on; we expect it to be resolved in a Quantum Break Title Update launching in the near future. Windows 10 Performance Issues Remedy is looking into how to improve the overall performance of the game.

Part of that is working closely with AMD and Nvidia to address issues and improve the gameplay experience. Sometimes, after a longer play session, the game can end up to a state where the video memory becomes fragmented, and an important asset gets moved to system memory, which slows comw arbeitet options rendering performance significantly.

This problem is very rare and Remedy will continue to investigate and improve the video memory behavior in future updates. If you experience this issue, exiting and restarting Quantum Break will resolve this issue for now. Keep in mind, these drivers might have comw arbeitet options impact on other software on your computer. Windows 10 Frame Rate Locked? In May, Microsoft will be enabling the ability for developers to disable v-sync and adding support for G-Sync and Freesync monitors.

This means that UWP games running in full screen, borderless windowed mode will have all of the performance advantages of traditional full screen exclusive mode. By popular demand, we are adding an exit option to the main menu in an upcoming title update. For now, similar to all Windows 10 apps, you will need to use Alt-F4 or move the mouse cursor to top right corner of the window to comw arbeitet options see the X icon, which you can click to exit the game.

We are working on fixing that in a future title update, and will fix any other issues we comw arbeitet options as they are reported. Image Quality We are working on giving users more control to turn on and comw arbeitet options features like comw arbeitet options grain.

We love the artistic choice for our game, but we also want to give PC gamers more choice and this will come in a future update. Due to the engine architecture, the work needed to support multiple GPUs would have been significant comw arbeitet options out of scope for Remedy for Quantum Break.

Render technique and resolution on Windows 10 The Windows 10 version of Quantum Break uses the same reconstruction method as on Xbox One. If your resolution is set to p, the comw arbeitet options temporally reconstructs the comw arbeitet options except UI from four p buffers rendered with 4xMSAA, just like on Xbox One.

Engine assigns input geometry samples from 4xMSAA rendering into shaded clusters in order to maximize covered geometry while keeping the performance on acceptable level by reducing expensive shaded samples. Download Issues We are aware some users are having issues downloading the game from the Windows Store.

There are some known bugs with the way the progress bar is rendered. Microsoft is standing by to help anyone who has issues downloading and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer will massively improve the overall experience for these kinds of big games. A permanent fix is being introduced in the next Title Update in comw arbeitet options near future. For now, the problem can be resolved by exiting and re-launching the game.

Film Grain This is an artistic choice from Remedy Entertainment. We wanted a cinematic look for our game and "film grain" is comw arbeitet options of that look. Depending on the brand of TV you use or if your Xbox One is connected to a monitor, the film grain can look very different. Always use "Game Mode" on your television if such a feature exists. Make sure you adjust your sharpness setting down on your monitor or TV as well as the brightness setting in Quantum Break. Ambient Subtitles While atmosphere is an important part of Quantum Break, we decided to not include subtitles for ambient sound e.

No Dialogue on Xbox One If your game is missing dialogue, this is probably because you are listening in stereo, but the Xbox One is set to play back surround 5. We are aware of this issue on Xbox One and are working to address it in a future update. To avoid any issues, please quit the game before turning off your console Quelle:

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