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The biggest Money Rule, all who have Money make the rules. If Money is a source of all your evil, I will gladly accept all your evils. Without Money life will be like a flower without fragrance, a sun without rays, a bird without wings, the earth without corso di trading quotations, and a human being without blood. Never run away from Corso di trading quotations for you will regret when Money will run away from you. The fastest way to attract money is love money, love people and love yourself.

You have been brainwashed so far to be against money. Now get brainwashed towards money for a change. Two great masters Corso di trading quotations Buddha and Lord Mahavira began their lives as kings. This can symbolize that when one achieves peak of materialism, the depth of spirituality can be felt. The poor corso di trading quotations fool says I am renouncing Materialism for Spiritual Progress, but has he created enough material wealth in the first place to renounce it.

Even if you decide to escape to the Himalayas for Spiritual Bliss, you need Money in the first place even to reach there. Money is not only important from Birth to Death but also beyond - to bury or cremate you.

Understanding money is Understanding Life. Give me a million dollar and I will spend all of it in just a day says many.

Money builds spirituality; show me any temple or church built out of just thin air. God made men, men made money and money made many men mad. Some are born with golden spoon, some with silver spoon and some with no spoon. A leaking wallet and a leaking ship both are bound to sink. Many first loose their health to become wealthy then they loose their wealth to become healthy. Whoever said health is wealth knew how expensive medical expenses are. A common misconception exists that the spiritual and materialistic paths are different.

Actually both originate at one point. Money is a completely neutral tool. In the hands of the good, money is fantastic. In the hands of the evil, it can cause great damage. How can you blame money, a mere tool? Outcomes of both good and evil lie ultimately in your handling. The day you become comfortable with money you also become comfortable with life. The path I advocate is the straight path that says money and deep spirituality corso di trading quotations co-exist. Home Resources Money Quotes.

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