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Every week, I receive a dan options trader of letters from readers about my books and articles. Many wrote that college students had no business learning about the stock or options market. My name is Daniel Dombroski, an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut.

I started trading options about three years ago, right out of high school. The markets have been less than friendly over the past few years to many investors and traders but this increased dan options trader has provided many profitable strategies utilizing options.

My experiences over the past few years have provided me with many unique opportunities, the most important of which is my understanding of the markets. Comprehending and capitalizing on movements has differentiated me from other students who are simply being lectured in the class room.

Dan options trader is a huge competitive edge in the minds of other traders and potential employers. I have also been given the opportunity to dan options trader other students about options trading and how creating a well planned strategy can protect investments in ways simply buying and selling equities cannot accomplish. I fully support students learning about options and how they can protect and leverage themselves when using a well thought dan options trader, discipline trading strategy.

What is dan options trader to point out is that results will reflect how the trader views options. If you treat this vehicle like gambling dan options trader your account will reproduce similar results. You may win dan options trader the short run but the house always gets its money.

As a disclaimer, my primary trades are credit and debit spreads to generate steady income. Correct sizing allows me to adjust my positions accordingly. I plan on continuing image store in database in binary format using mvc 4 and entity framework answeredrss grow and adapt my strategy and rules over time to reproduce results I am comfortable with.

In short, thank you for recognizing this investment vehicle for people with small accounts particularly college students. I look forward to reading more articles that encourages eager young prospective traders my age to take active steps in creating their own financial independence and securing a profitable future. I will notify you of my blog posts via twitter michaelsincere.

If you have questions or comments about any of my books, please fill out this form. I always like to hear from you, and will respond to every email. Warm Regards, Daniel Dombroski I will notify you of my blog posts via twitter michaelsincere.

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