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Asia Environmental Crime Wildlife Watch. A new report by the Environmental Investigation Agency EIA details how criminal gangs are driving El agente comercio internacional que especies amenazadas rosewood towards extinction to cash in on el agente comercio internacional que especies amenazadas prices, despite the precious wood species being protected under international regulations.

Siamese rosewood is confined to just four countries in the Mekong region — Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Despite the species being protected under national law, there has been a surge in illegal logging and smuggling since This illicit trade is being driven by rising demand in China for luxurious furniture made from rosewood, known as hongmu. In China 33 wood species are classified as hongmu, and are used to manufacture high-end furniture based on antique designs from the Qing and Ming dynasties.

On a recent trip to Shanghai EIA observed a wardrobe made of rosewood from Madagascar selling for half a million dollars. The declining forests of the Mekong countries have borne the brunt of growing rosewood demand, with the region supplying 1. Such astronomical prices are attracting criminal enterprises, and the scramble for the last remaining Siamese rosewood trees is leaving a trail of violence and corruption. The listing came into effect in June The trail begins in southeast Thailand, where most of the remaining trees are found.

This area, near the border with Cambodia, has become the frontline of the rosewood conflict, as Thai forest rangers and other enforcement agencies and logging gangs often from Cambodia come into contact.

This bloody business has resulted in deaths on both sides; dozens of rangers have been killed since and 45 Cambodian loggers shot dead in alone. Sophisticated smuggling operations move the contraband rosewood from Thailand to the end market in China using both overland and sea routes.

In Laos EIA investigators visited the town of Pakse, near the Thai border, which el agente comercio internacional que especies amenazadas become a hub for the rosewood business. Traders revealed how contacts in the government and military are used to secure rosewood from official auctions of seized timber, with the paperwork used to mask illicit materials. From Laos the contraband rosewood moves into neighbouring Vietnam. Consignments are transported either to the seaport of Danang for shipment to China, or move northwards to wholesale timber markets near Hanoi.

El agente comercio internacional que especies amenazadas buyers arrive in these markets to purchase rosewood, and then engage specialist transportation agents with the connections and experience to move the wood over the border and into China. Once inside China the illicit rosewood is sold onto hongmu furniture factories clustered in the south and east of the country.

During the investigation EIA came across evidence that enforcement has improved since the CITES listing, particularly in mainland China, yet the bulk of the smuggled Siamese rosewood evades detection. Such successes are rare in the realm of forest crimes and the prospects for Siamese rosewood are bleak. Many of the traders EIA investigators met spoke of increasing scarcity of Siamese rosewood, and were already planning to move onto another hongmu species, Burmese rosewood.

The story of Siamese rosewood is symptomatic of the wider problem of illegal logging and the role of organised crime in driving deforestation. Despite this forest crimes are still too often not treated as serious crimes. En Laos investigadores de EIA visitaron la ciudad de Pakse, cerca de la frontera con Tailandia, que se ha convertido en un centro para el negocio del palo de rosa.

El agente comercio internacional que especies amenazadas tiene que cambiar por el futuro de los bosques del mundo. Money does grow on trees: Siamese rosewood smuggling and the criminal exploitation of forest resources. Sustaining peace in the city: Ecological Crises and Security. Related Blog Sustaining peace in the city: Guinea-Bissau illegal drug economy. The drug legalization debate: The case for an enforcement approach. Interview with Ruth Dreifuss on the decriminalization of drugs.

Protecting the criminal complex. World Wildlife Day Sustaining the future of big cats. Pragmatism versus ideology in countering poaching and wildlife trafficking. Act now or we will lose… Africa 17 June Sustaining the future of big cats Blog 03 March

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