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The simplest types of subject gateways are sets of Web pages containing lists of links to resources. Some gateways index their lists of links and provide a simple search facility. Each entry in the database contains information about a network-based resource, such as a Web page, Web site, mailing list or document.

Entries are usually created by a cataloguer manually identifying a suitable resource, describing the resource using a template, and submitting the template to the database for indexing. Subject gateways are also known as subject-based information gateways SBIGssubject-based gateways, subject index gateways, virtual libraries, clearing houses, subject trees, pathfinders and other variations thereof.

This paper describes the characteristics of some extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system the subject gateways currently accessible through the Web, and compares them to automatic "vacuum cleaner" type search engines, such as AltaVista. The paper concludes with looking at some of extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system issues facing subject gateway development in the near future.

The paper touches on many of the issues mentioned in a previous paper in D-Lib Magazineespecially regarding resource-discovery related initiatives and services [1].

Characteristics of Subject Gateways There are a considerable number of Web-based gateways that can be used to locate network-based resources in some particular subject area. Nearly all of these gateways have unique features, additional subject-based services, and different approaches to how information about network-based resources is stored in the resource description database. Basic gateway facilities Most subject gateways allow the end-user to either search or browse extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system database of resource descriptions.

For example, the AstroWeb Astronomy gateway [2] consists of a browsable multi-level menu of sub-areas and resources, as well as a WAIS-based search mechanism. In addition, most gateways allow the user the options of case sensitive searching and stemming, where resource descriptions containing variations of a term are located for example, paint er begets paint ed, paint s and other terms beginning with paint.

Additional searching facilities Some gateways provide extra facilities for enhanced searching. SOSIG also allows users to search on resources that are located in distinct geographic areas [5]such as in the whole world, just in Europe or just in the UK.

PAW [7]the Physics Around the World gateway, allows users to select the level of suitability for educational physics resources e.

Aqueous [8]a gateway dedicated to water related Web sites, allows two levels of searching deep dive and shallow dive. Eldis [10]the Electronic Development and Environment Information Service provides access to several related bibliographic databases. History [11]a gateway to not surprisingly network-based history resources, provides details of historians and their research and teaching interests.

Resource cataloguing The key difference between subject gateways and the popular automated large-scale Web indexing systems such as AltaVista is the quality of the results which the end-user receives. This is dependent on the nature of the cataloguing process. For example, we searched Altavista and OMNI on the term epilepsy on January 4th ; from the results, we observed the descriptions of the first three hits: Nikki, now a college sophomore, was born with a very large fluid collection in.

Volunteer Coordinator " " Services: Canine epilepsy is a problem in Border Collies. Both primary potentially genetic and secondary trauma, disease, drugs, etc OMNI search results The Neuroscience Consortium at Birmingham has been formed by a number of departments within the University with the aim of developing Birmingham as a centre of excellence in neuroscience. Apart from general extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system on the Consortium, the main feature of the Consortium home page is coverage of the various research groups at Birmingham with interests in neuroscience, giving details of individual research projects, staff and publications.

The subject interests of these groups include autonomic function, basal ganglia, degeneration and trophins, epilepsy and prion diseases. This NSE site provides a wide range of basic information prepared by professionals working in the field of epilepsy, and is updated regularly.

Topics covered include diagnosis, treatment, seizures, living with epilepsy driving, pregnancy, school, work, safety in the home etc. This guide to paediatric epilepsy, written by Timothy F. Hoban of the Loyola University Medical Center, covers causes, clinical manifestations, guidelines for treatment and clinical case studies, including absence epilepsy, febrile seizures and infantile spasms. Here, we can extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system that the resources catalogued in OMNI have been described in a "human readable" fashion, whilst the entries in AltaVista are presented more as "raw data".

OMNI points directly to the home page or start point of a resource while Altavista often points to pages without context, leaving the user to find their own way. AltaVista records are created by an automatic process and typically consist of a mixture of metadata offered by the author of the page if this is available and text picked up from the page itself. In contrast, OMNI records offer information created by a cataloguer, which is designed to highlight the main features of a resource in a easily-readable, concise fashion.

In addition, cataloguing by hand allows keywords to be added to the record which enables more relevant results to be retrieved and offers the opportunity to develop thesaurus-based searching. AltaVista indexes individual pagesnot resources. As an illustration of the difference between a page and a resource, consider that an online textbook could consist of many web pages, hyperlinked together via a table of contents. The AltaVista software does not know which set of pages on a server constitute a resource and extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system it encounters a large collection of pages, is likely to index a random sample [14].

Subject gateways such as OMNI, on the other hand, catalogue at the resource level, and will therefore describe resource composed of many pages in a much more coherent fashion. Lastly, the resources described in a subject gateway are likely to have been hand-picked and catalogued with a particular audience in mind. The OMNI gateway, for example, includes only biomedical resources extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system interest to the higher education and research community, and catalogues resources with this in mind.

Thus, resources included in OMNI are indexed and classified in a similar way to books in an academic medical library, and are selected so that they are at an appropriate level for students, researchers, lecturers, etc. This tailored and selective approach is not possible for a service such as Altavista, which successfully serves a much broader community. The software, which is freely available, enables a Webmaster to set up a subject gateway. As well as the software, the ROADS project provides support for people either setting up a gateway from scratch, or who convert their existing resource catalogue into a ROADS compatible form.

The software extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system includes various facilities to assist cataloguers in data entry, such as a specialised cataloguers interface, and also provides database and indexing facilities as well as various optional tools to assist in database and data integrity management. For example, a customisable link checker is included, which automatically checks the URLS of all extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system resources catalogued, at whatever time intervals the gateway maintainer specifies e.

The link checker can be configured to tell you not only which links have failed, but what type of failure was encountered, as well as those resources which have failed consecutive link checking. Currently, there are eleven ROADS-based subject extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system which are accessible [17] to the general public. Another seven are in various stages of construction, and will "go live" over the next few months.

In addition, the ROADS project is in negotiation with several organisations about either setting up a gateway from scratch, converting their existing collection of resource descriptions into a ROADS-compatible format to build a new gateway, or cross-searching as will be explained later their non-ROADS gateway with other subject gateways.

Subject areas covered by subject gateways As can be seen from the examples so far, many subject areas are covered by subject gateways. Some subject areas are without a subject gateway; for example, there are no gateways of the scope and type discussed so far that cover subject areas such as music or religious studies. However, some subject areas are covered by more than one gateway. The subject area covered by the largest number of subject gateways is probably that of health and medicine.

This leaves someone looking for quality medical resources with several dilemma's. Which subject gateways should they choose? And out of those chosen, which order should they be visited in? The same issues arise for people involved in inter-disciplinary resource discovery.

For example, a student could be writing an essay on "The Socio-economic implications of vaccination programmes". From this title we can see that they would be interested in relevant quality resources that may be located through either a social science, economics or medical subject gateway.

However, it would be time consuming to search several gateways in each of these areas. Recent research and development in such cross-searching of subject gateways has been undertaken; the technical mechanisms of such a system are described in the next section. Query routing and forward knowledge The increased availability of networked databases is rapidly leading to the situation where many users will need to query multiple distributed databases in order to locate all of the information that they require.

Unfortunately, this has traditionally meant that the end user has to either query each of these databases individually or else use a standardized search and retrieval protocol client such as a Z The first of these places the burden of locating the remote databases and learning each database's query interface on the end user.

The second means that remote database servers and network links are often unnecessarily used even when their databases holds no information relevant to a user's query. What is needed to improve this situation is for the remote databases to be able to let each other have some knowledge of the sort of data that they hold in advance of the end user's query being processed.

This is known as "forward knowledge" and can be used to provide "query routing" from a single initial database server on extra money for college tuition omni 11 binary options system other servers that are likely to hold relevant information.

If this forward knowledge contains information about the query language in use at the remote databases, the end user's client might also be able to translate the user's initial query into a form that is appropriate for the remote server and translate the results into a standard display format. The Common Indexing Protocol CIP v3 [26] is intended to fulfill this need for forward knowledge to permit efficient query routing to take place. For example, the information derived from a medical subject gateway about one resource could be: Warts, and the treatment of warts Author: Knobbly Books A centroid is generated by taking all of the records of a similar template type and then listing the unique terms shared by all instances of each attribute.

For example for the single record above, the following centroid would result: Warts and the treatment of Author: Also, notice that the word "warts" only appears once in the centroid for the Title attribute, even though it appears twice in the actual title. If the database held another record such as: Warts - self treatment using kitchen appliances Author: Medi Books then the resulting centroid generated from both of these records would be:. The Neuroscience Consortium at Birmingham has been formed by a number of departments within the University with the aim of developing Birmingham as a centre of excellence in neuroscience.

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