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We are aware that you may feel uncertain about purchasing online, but we can reassure you that it is perfectly safe to do so, as we are a recognised provider of foreign exchange with over 20 years experience. ChangeGroup is one of the leading foreign exchange companies in the world with retail branches in 10 countries and 22 cities across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The HMRC have strict policies and procedures in place and we are committed to preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.

As a member of ABTA and being awarded the Investors In People standard you can be assured that you will receive a truly professional service.

Once the funds you have sent us have been cleared, we will immediately dispatch your currency via a traceable postal service of your choice. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all our users and have invested heavily in leading security intelligence and technology to ensure you have total peace of mind when purchasing online at www.

Your order is placed over a secure connection and all your personal information is encrypted and protected at all times. United Kingdom Suomi Finland. Reserve and Collect with confidence because we care No charge for Reserve and Collect We process all your orders before you arrive and have it ready for you to collect so you can sit back and relax knowing your Travel Money online order is taken care of! Please enter your email address: Yes, my password is: No, I would like to register:.

Christmas and New Year delivery schedule. A simple guide to your home delivery service over the Christmas and New Year All deliveries include insurance at no additional cost Please see below for delivery options: Orders placed on 23rd December If you place your order before 2pm we aim to have your order delivered on the 24th December if you chose Saturday Guaranteed Delivery If you place your order after 2pm we aim to have your order delivered on the 29th December If you chose Express Delivery Orders placed on 30th December If you place your order before 2pm we aim to have your order delivered on the 31st December If you chose for Saturday Guaranteed Delivery If you place your order after 2pm we aim to have your order delivered on the 4th January If you chose Express Delivery Please be aware that external factors beyond our control such as strikes, adverse weather conditions are out of our control and may delay your order.

If you chose the Free Super Saver Delivery we are unable to guarantee a delivery date and your order may arrive after the Christmas and New Year period. Please note that Royal Mail will not deliver on the following days over the Christmas and New Year festive period.

The office will be closed during the festive period and will re-open again on Tuesday 3rd January at 9am. If you would like to make a payment before Christmas your instruction will need to be received and confirmed by 5pm on Thursday 22nd December. Home delivery at no additional cost.

A simple guide to your home delivery service All deliveries include insurance at no additional cost Please see below for delivery options: Free Super Saver Delivery. Next day delivery Order by 12 PM the day before. You order will be delivered on your chosen Saturday.

Order by 12 PM Friday to qualify for delivery this Saturday. Collect your currency at no additional cost from any of our City or Airport Branches, many of which are open 24 hours. Buy—Back Protection for your holiday travel money. What does our Buy—Back Protection offer you? This means that the holiday money exchange rate will be the same when you return as when you left protecting yourself from any exchange rate fluctuations.

Before travelling abroad, it can be difficult to estimate how much foreign currency you require for your trip. If you return with any unused holiday money, our Buy—Back Protection allows you to benefit from the same holiday money exchange rate you purchased. By purchasing our Buy—Back Protection and securing the exchange rates commission free, you can take that little bit extra for those special holiday occasions as any excess holiday money can be exchanged at your original holiday money exchange rate.

We believe a holiday should be a peaceful escape and a time to relax. We know that the last thing you want on your mind is fluctuating holiday money exchange rates.

Join our 25, customers who chose to add Buy-Back Protection to their holiday money online orders each year. Order your currency online today and ensure you receive your money back, commission free and at the same holiday money exchange rate you purchased. Please note that this is a rate alert service only, not an agreement to buy or sell currency. There is no obligation to trade if your target holiday money rate is reached.

This service is available for online currency orders. By clicking 'Submit' you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Your card security code is a three or four digit number. For most cards including Visa and MasterCard, the code is made up of the last three digits printed on the signature strip on the back of the Card.

For American Express , the code is comprised of four digits which can be found on the front, above the main card number. Please do not use the three digit number on the back.

Enter postcode and click Find Address to populate the address fields. Please enter your phone number numerically with no spaces. Please enter your fax number numerically with no spaces.