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The early part of October is proving forex iraqi dinar usd be a time of stability in the currency markets, particularly in regard to Iraqi dinar vs. What Iraqi dinar is worth has remained in a holding pattern, as it has for much of What is Iraqi dinar rate is about the same as it has been for most of the year, with few changes expected. This is due to stability in both the political and military environments within Iraq.

The regional military situation also appears to be stable. Geopolitical stability is of course one of the major keys to the direction of the Iraqi dinar. The exchange rate is expected to remain in the same range for the balance of Of course, no one can know what Iraqi dinar will revalue at, which would also have a major impact on Iraqi dinar vs.

What is Iraqi dinar worth in US dollars is always the central question, since the US dollar is the international reserve currency. Though it is impossible to buy Iraqi dinar at most US banks, it can be both priced and purchased at currency trading sites, such as Treasury Vault. According to the US dollar exchange rate calculatorthe Iraqi dinar vs American dollar is running with an exchange rate of 1, The US dollar exchange rate vs.

Iraqi dinar has been at a similar level throughout At times, it even appreciated against the dollar, to well above the original price fixing of 2.

At that time, Iraqi dinar vs. Iraqi dinar generally increased in value versus the declining currencies, but fell versus the stronger ones. Once again, the future of the currency will depend on what will Iraqi dinar revalue at, if and when revaluation takes place.

And naturally, the currency value will be determined in large part by the price forex iraqi dinar usd oil, among other factors. Oil can never be underestimated as a factor in the value of Iraqi dinar vs. Forex iraqi dinar usd has the fifth largest oil reserves in the world, estimated at more than billion barrels. There was forex iraqi dinar usd bit of a spike in the exchange rate versus the US dollar at the very end of September, but the rate has moved back down to familiar territory since.

The month peak, achieved on Forex iraqi dinar usd 30, shows that there is at least some upside potential to the Iraqi dinar, even absent a possible revaluation. Once again, you can convert Iraqi dinar to US dollars using an exchange rate calculator. The same calculator can show Iraqi dinar vs. In order to actually buy or sell the currency, you will most certainly need to use a reputable currency trader.

Though forex iraqi dinar usd are a few banks that buy and sell currencies, only a handful will exchange Iraqi dinar. Also, very important, never work with a currency trader that tries to provide you with advice in order to get you to buy a certain currency. The currency trader should work strictly as a broker, and not as an investment advisor. The Vietnamese dong is another exotic currency, so considered because the currency is only of value within the borders of the issuing country.

Dong serve as a medium of exchange only within the borders of Vietnam itself. The Philippine peso exchange rate for early October is running at Relative stability in Iraq, and with oil prices, in contrast to both political instability in the Philippines, as well as a simmering conflict with China over the South China Sea, are contributing to the strength in the Iraqi dinar versus the Philippine forex iraqi dinar usd. The euro exchange rate is forex iraqi dinar usd at 1, In the past 12 months, Iraqi dinar have fluctuated between a low of That indicates that, at least at the present time, Iraqi dinar are trading on the lower and of the month trading range.

Various financial circumstances in Europe, particularly with southern European banks, has not had a material effect on the strength of the Iraqi dinar vs. As would forex iraqi dinar usd expected, the exchange rate between Iraqi dinar and Saudi Riyal has been very stable. The value as of early October is The current Iraqi dinar rate versus SAR is sitting right in the middle of the month trading range. That range includes a high of The stability of the exchange rate between the Iraqi dinar and the Saudi Riyal is of course not surprising.

The situations of the two countries are closely correlated, not the least of which because they share an extensive common boundary. But both countries also face similar pressures, including the political and geopolitical dynamics of the Persian Gulf region.

Saudi Arabia, like Iraq, is also largely dependent upon oil forex iraqi dinar usd its economic survival, and thus its currency is equally tied to the price of oil. The Canadian dollar has something of an oil connection. However, Canada has a highly diversified economy, with oil representing a relatively small part forex iraqi dinar usd its economic big picture. As an issuer of forex iraqi dinar usd hard currency, like the US dollar and the euro, the Forex iraqi dinar usd currency tends to track those currencies more closely.

The Canadian dollar exchange rate is That compares to a month range of a high of As of early October, the Iraqi dinar exchange rate is The month range is a high of The Taka is considered to be another exotic currency, but one that is not at all forex iraqi dinar usd by oil in any way similar to that of Iraq. This is always a curious exchange rate, since the Indian Rupee was the original official currency of Iraq untilwhen it was replaced by Iraqi dinar.

Iraqi Dinar vs Indian Rupee currently sits at This contrasts with a high of The month trading range between the currencies is a low of As you can see, at least in early October, Forex iraqi dinar usd dinar vs. Account Login Login Create an Account. October 12, The Iraqi Dinar vs the U.

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