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Finally, as scores such as AAM and eCART are used in actual practice, data from patients who reach alert thresholds will be contaminated by clinician treatment in response to alerts. This will pose forex trading simulator for mac to the development, updating and evaluation of predictive models, and future research must begin considering forex trading simulator for mac.

Precision-Recall (PR) curves of all three scores described in this paper. The PR curves show the scores positive predictive value (PPV or Precision) against the sensitivity (recall).

PR curves are commonly used to present results of binary classifiers of outcomes when the outcome variable is extremely rare.

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Translation algorithms differ from the copying machines of the 1980s in that they dont make the text literally disappear, or quite rarely in any case. Yet they certainly do call attention to the way they are transforming texts, to themselves, as their approach differs so completely from that of any human translator. Such a simultaneous evaluation process would be incredibly complicated, as the methods for post-production machine translation evaluation demonstrate (BLEU being one of the most common algorithms used for this purpose).

So just as the copying machine is performing its best to deliver a legible copy and producing artistically interesting objects as it fails to do so, translation algorithms are performing the task of translation according to the sets of rules and procedures that are written into them, their code.

If the results appear as decay or destruction, it is not because the algorithms are failing.