Global Trade Development Week opens in Dubai

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Central and Eastern Europe. Central and Southern Asia. Eastern Asia and Oceania. Read more Main Industry Sectors. United Arab Emirates is the 3rd largest oil producer in the world, with large reserves. Presently, their oil and gas reserves are estimated for years of exploitation.

Manufacturing activities have witneesed an unprecedented growth in the last five years, particularly in sectors such as metal processing, furniture, industrial preparation of food stuffs, aluminum production, cement and construction materials, fertilisers, petrochemical industry, fiber glass and finally real estate. The government is trying to develop new sectors, such as tourism, financial services and real estate.

In this perspective, the Emirate of Dubai has multiplied the creation of free zones and is becoming a platform for re-export in the region. There is also a number of great cultural projects museums, especially an annex of the Louvre museum and sport projects Formule 1. UAE was nevertheless hit hard by the global economic crisis, which has caused a felt slowdown of the country's growth. Different factors are at cause: Moreover, Dubai was the hardest hit, due to its position of a highly globalized platform and very high borrowing rates.

However, the authorities have reacted. The banking sector was consolidated through state guarantees on deposits, introduction of liquidity, recapitalization of banks, and an expansionary fiscal policy to preserve investments and enhance competitiveness.

UAE is the primary global trading systems dubai uae of direct foreign investments on the Arabian Peninsula. Although the FDI flow increased init decreased in and especially in This trend continued in FDI stocks are concentrated in hydrocarbons and water and electricity production.

The advantages of the Emirates are the country's easy access to oil resources, low energy costs, willingness to diversify the economy and high purchasing power. The absence of direct tax on companies excluding banks, oil companies and telecom operators and people, of exchange controls and any limitations on repatriation of capital, as well as the existence of a banking sector that is both solid and profitable global trading systems dubai uae a large pool of expatriate workforce constitute its undeniable benefits.

The country's main weakness is the small size of its domestic market. Till now not much progress has been made. However you can notice the flexibility of rules of access to real estate property for foreigners in Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Global trading systems dubai uae.

The strengths of the country are: There global trading systems dubai uae legal obstacles for foreign investments. Moreover, the obligation for recourse to a local service agent for the branches and representative offices of foreign companies represents a limit. United Arab Emirates are amongst the world's most dynamic markets in terms of foreign trade.

It is amongst the world's 25 primary exporters and 30 primary importers of commodities. United Arab Emirates has displayed a large commercial surplus in both anddue to the raising oil prices. The main products exported global trading systems dubai uae the country are hydrocarbons, natural gas, dried fish and dates.

The United Arab Emirates mainly imports machinery, transport equipment, chemical products and food stuffs. My Dashboard Log out. Premium Membership Advertise Take a tour. Country Market Analyses Business Tips. United Kingdom United States Vietnam. Chad Comoros Congo D. United States Uruguay Venezuela. Albania Belarus Bosnia and Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria U. Advertise on this page Receive Updates.

Country Strong Points The global trading systems dubai uae of the country are: Country Weak Points There are legal obstacles for foreign investments. Foreign Trade Overview United Arab Emirates are amongst the world's most dynamic markets in terms of foreign trade.

We help global trading systems dubai uae find service providers there! Trade in the United Arab Emirates! Search by global trading systems dubai uae about the U. Market Analyses About the U. Import and Export Services in the U. Evaresta believes that going global early is best for all businesses.

Advertising, the United Arab Emirates. Business Tips About the U. Taqaddam bialttaeawun mae almustathmir aldhy yurid 'arbah thabitatan fi al'aswaq almaliati. The report provides guidance on required certificates for food products shipped to the United Arab Emirates. Agents and Distributors in the U. Overview About International Trade in the U. News Related to International Trade in the U.

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With a strong focus on International and Local Trading, Green Global is the undisputed leader in the distribution of products for wholesale and retail markets world over with special emphasis to GCC countries, Africa and South East Asia.

The company is also rated high among the topmost when it comes to refining and packing of food products. Our Vision is to be a professionally managed trading establishment, committed to total customer satisfaction and enhanced product value.

We strive constantly to create value to the service by bringing in professional touch to the service we offer. Our Mission is to continue serving the business community by continuously striving to raise the benchmark in customer service, thereby increasing the general level of customer satisfaction.

We have been, and will always be, putting emphasis on dealing in goods of the highest quality and complementing this by delivering with utmost efficiency. Our Objectives is to build consistent business relationships with high level of reputation among all of our customers in the market.

Providing our valued customers with products of the best quality at the most competitive rates and excellent customer service has been always of Green Global since its inception. With the wisdom acquired from the current business ventures running successfully around the globe and with the support from the best manufacturers in each segment worldwide, Green Global is all set to launch a series of products that are sure to give you a never before experience in each of their categories.

The Supplier and Manufacturer chain spreading across USA, Germany, Turkey, China, Africa and India stands as a strong pillar of support to the ventures of Green Global by providing the access to the wealth of knowledge and best available products which in turn enable the company to provide the best support for the clientele. When it comes to the distribution of food products ranging from the omnipresent Rice to the seasoned flavours like Pickles and Spices, Green Global has a definite monopoly over other companies as a result of the relentless support from the manufacturers in Thailand, India, Pakistan, Africa and Vietnam.

Green Global follows stringent quality measures of international standards to provide the best product to the customers. The company deals with the import and distribution of all major varieties of Rice, not only selects the item, but cleans and polishes the product to the highest standards through a series of scientific procedures.

The company also imports pulses, cereals, dry nuts from the best farms across the globe. PalakkadanMutta rice is a variety of brown riceknown for its coarseness and health benefits. It is cultivated in Palakkaddistrict of Kerala in India and used for a variety of dishes in India. Sella is an another Variant of basmati rice and it is the boiled form of basmati. Jeerakasala is a variety of rice cultivated by the farmers in Wayanad District in Kerala and it have disease resistant properties, high nutritional value, fine taste and cooking properties.

ThanjavurPonni Rice which is cultivated by the most experienced farmers in the banks of river of Cauvery, it has high carbohydrate content and is very healthy. Super Kernel Basmati originated in Pakistan and very popular for its aromatic flavor and taste. It is commonly used for making biriyani etc. Parboiled rice is rice that has been partially boiled in the husk. It is used in worldwide for making so many regular cuisines. Jaya rice is the traditional, staple diet of Kerala.

This rice is an ingenious variety of rice grown primarily in the Palakkad region of Kerala. With its unique flavor, color, size and crispness makes it an ideal companion for all traditional Kerala dishes. With years of research, technological advancements mixed with traditional approach, NBM introduced the Taj Mahal brand of Basmati Rice. Over time Taj Mahal Basmati Rice has evolved into something exquisitely delectable. Along with its very distinctive taste, the Taj Mahal Basmati isalso known for its mouthwatering natural aroma that millions of people crave for.

To cater different taste and requirement of customers around the world, NBRM has classified their products to different variants of basmati rice viz. The superfine extra long grain rice is nothing but grains of pure delight and exactly what true Indian Basmati Rice should be. Basmati Rice One of the premium brands of Pakistan.

Green Global have tie up with one of the largest exporter of Pakistani rice — Matco. With majority of its sales compromising of the premium Basmati Rice varities. The company is in the industry since and having support from World Bank Group for capacity building to cater to increasing exports and supporting trade. Amber is one of the premium brand from Matco, and we are proud to be the sole distributor of Amber variances in UAE and Saudi market.

Immortal Flavors and healthy savories shapes the success of the two decade old brand. We are committed to providing hygienic and quality products. We import various Masalas, Pickles, Rice powders and Spices from India after a thorough quality control process and then packaged in different sizes in our advanced production centers. Apart from the standard pack sizes, we provide various packaging options to suit any requirement. High quality packing materials are procured and tested at our refinery prior to usage.

This company is not only well known in Orissa state but also outside the state because of its quality and cost effective networking. They are a nation with rich culture, heritage, principle of unity in diversity and above all high moral values and ethics. The strong base of the Indian society is faith, which has originated with the civilization and will last till the universe exists. Ltd, a name synonym with trust, purity and integrity. Ladiid has vast variety of products starting from the finest nuts, dried fruits, pulses, spices, raw cooking powders and other assorted goods that UAE has to offer.

Ladiid brings you access to years of quality products and service at affordable prices. Ladiid range of nuts and dried fruits are carefully sourced from major crop producing countries to ensure for delivering the best quality. Ladiid have a great range of products and with required packing, which would definitely suit all customer needs.

Green Global has been known as the one of biggest commodities traders in UAE. To give right importance and to maintain quality, a dedicated team is responsible for commodity trading. The Supplier and Manufacturer chain spreading across USA, Germany, Turkey, China and India stands as a strong pillar of support to the ventures of Green Global by providing the access to the wealth of knowledge and best available products which in turn enable the company to provide the best support for the clientele.

Exclusive distribution of well known brands. Amber Basmati Rice One of the premium brands of Pakistan. Bharat Foods Spices and Dietary. Reliance Gas Company L. C - Ajman, U.