HDFC Bank launches the One Family, One Bank, Zero Balance account for NRIs in Kerala

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Put an eye on the monthly statement of your bank account. Your blood will arise as to how the bank feels like a termite on your hard earned money and is slowly licking your hdfc bank account zero balance. Most of the banks are blown up huge amounts in small installments in the name of bank charges from your hdfc bank account zero balance. Almost all the hdfc bank account zero balance do not keep Monthly Hours Balance MAB from your account or on the name of debit card issuance fee, otherwise you can withdraw money from your account in the name of closure of the bank account.

But the good news for you is that you can do a job very easily to get out of this delusional bank. All the banking needs of these banks are met by the Zero-Balance Account of these banks and the bank can not charge you any kind of charge. Although the Zero balance account of these banks is for the poor people, but no one can open this account. For this, only you will need KYC verified documents.

The most important thing about this account is that it does not necessarily mean that you have money to open it. For this bank account, zero balance remains in the account. At the same time, you can operate this zero balance account on a single, joint or any nominee basis.

At the same time, the interest rate on zero balance in these accounts is equal to a normal bank account. Therefore, you can earn 3. There is no cost to issue a debit card for this zero balance account. Typically, a normal bank account is charged for issuing a charge of Hdfc bank account zero balance for debit card.

It is released for free. Another special thing is that there is no charge hdfc bank account zero balance if the Zero balance account is closed. However, only HDFC Bank imposes a charge of rupees on the Zero Balance Account, which is closed after 15 days from the opening and before one year.

There is no charge on account of closure of the account after 1 year. However, there should be no other savings bank account for your Zero balance account. If your bank has a savings bank account, then it needs to be closed within 30 days of opening Zero balance account.

At the same time, Zero balance account is exempt from the branch for 4 Vidarvals. Again, for your support, you have been wonderful to me and hope in your vote. Wow that's really a very good information. But these banks along with SBI, just cheat the customers by not saying about these accounts before hand. How to open zero balance account? The advantage of ZeroBalance Account The most important thing about this account is that it does not necessarily mean that you have money to open it.

Keep this in mind However, there should be no other savings bank account for your Zero balance account. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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