How to get a commodities trading job at BP

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What exactly are you doing now?? If you want people to take you seriously you would probably need a degree in business or finance, for starters. Then there are specialised courses you can take to get stuck in with the nitty gritty. You can probably get away with max days of training, but again it depends on your base level of skill because the competition will be tough. Try searching for oil trading training, I'm sure you'll find something.

To follow up on this question, you can find Finance courses specifically dedicated to oil how to become oil trader here. There is actually quite a lot of choice in terms of providers - Euromoney Energy is one of them, but there are numerous others. I have to say that what tgy84 is probably true - these courses tend to be delivered at quite a "high" level, so previous experience and or study in a Finance-related discipline is probably necessary.

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How to become an Oil Trader? I a looking to learn skills as an oil trader. Actually I am working in a petrol station company in the trading department and I want to learn how to be a professional oil trader. The aim would be for me is to be a specialized trader for how to become oil trader products Diesel and Gasoline - any tips? Cancel your subscription to the thread: EMAIL is now registered as a subscriber to the subject: Subscribe to the thread: This field is used for controlling automatic form submits.

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