Non-Qualified Stock Options

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Many startups, investors, clients and friends have recently asked about the tax benefits associated with having stock qualify as qualified small business stock QSBS. The discussion below outlines the different requirements that must be satisfied for stock to be eligible for QSBS treatment. An opinion letter or a representation should be based on information provided through a questionnaire completed by the company.

That all changed significantly following the financial crisis, when Congress passed the Creating Small Business Jobs Act of to encourage individual taxpayers to make additional equity investments in startup corporations during the remainder of calendar year Although initially intended as a tax incentive for stock issued during a limited period, the 0 percent rate for gains on QSBS became so popular that Congress began expanding it.

In fact, Congress repeatedly extended the applicable window for issuance of the 0 percent-eligible QSBS in successive one-to-two-year tranches.

Thus, assuming all applicable requirements are met, the 0 percent federal income tax rate could now apply to gains from sales of QSBS acquired at any time after September 27, However, several requirements must be satisfied before those benefits can be realized, and even if those requirements are met, there are important limitations on the amount of gain that can qualify for the 0 percent rate.

These requirements and limitations are further discussed below. The general requirements for qualifying for the 0 percent federal tax rate on gains from the sale of QSBS include the following:. The taxpayer recognizing the gain must not be a corporation and must have acquired the stock at original issue from a US domestic C corporation. The taxpayer must have held the stock for more than five years.

The taxpayer must have acquired the stock at original issue after September 27,in exchange for cash, property other than cash or stock, or services. In that case, the property must be taken into account for this purpose based on its fair market value FMV at the time of the contribution. During substantially all of the taxpayer's holding period of the stock, at least 80 percent of the issuing corporation's assets must be how to calculate cost basis for non-qualified stock options dubai by the corporation in the active conduct of one or more qualified trades or businesses.

This includes assets used how to calculate cost basis for non-qualified stock options dubai furtherance of a prospective active business, i. It also includes working capital, investments expected to finance research and how to calculate cost basis for non-qualified stock options dubai or increased working capital within two years, and computer software rights that produce active business royalties.

After the corporation has existed for two years, however, no more than half of its assets can be working capital or investments held for future research or working capital. Although many types of trade or business should qualify for this purpose, the following are specifically excluded: Also specifically excluded is any trade or business for which the principal asset is the reputation or skill of any of its employees.

The issuer of the stock must not have engaged in specific levels of buybacks redemptions of its own stock during specified periods before or after the date of issuance of the stock to the taxpayer. A noncorporate taxpayer who recognizes gain from the sale of stock meeting the above requirements can thus generally qualify for a 0 percent federal income tax rate.

The amount of gain eligible for this 0 percent rate is subject to a cap, however. For a taxpayer who invests cash in the QSBS, basis would generally be equal to the cash purchase price.

There is a special rule, however, for when a taxpayer instead purchases the QSBS for in-kind property that is, other than cash. A taxpayer other than a corporation i. Accordingly, gain is recognized only to the extent that the amount realized on the sale exceeds the cost of the replacement QSBS purchased during the day period, as reduced by the portion of such cost, if any, previously taken into account.

To the extent that capital gain is not recognized, that amount will be applied to reduce the basis of the replacement small business stock.

The basis adjustment is applied to the replacement stock in the order the replacement stock is acquired. Gain on qualified stock held by a partnership, S corporation, RIC, or common trust fund is excludable if the entity held it for more than five years and if the partner, shareholder, or participant to whom the gain passes through held an interest in the entity when the entity acquired the stock and at all times thereafter.

The partner, shareholder, or participant cannot exclude the gain to the extent that his or her share in the entity's gain is greater than what it was when the entity acquired the qualified stock, however. Find out more about the tax benefits of QSBS by contacting the author. Related services Corporate Tax. Related topics Is the tax man calling? The business how to calculate cost basis for non-qualified stock options dubai cycle.

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