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As well as the free platforms from the country's major broadcasters, such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, digital internet tv best options trading uk, rental and purchase services have emerged to fill the hole left by those trading in physical media. Why buy the latest Blu-rays or DVDs from the local store or online when you can have it streamed to you instantly? Sometimes even before the film has come out on either of the disc formats.

And although 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays are starting to emerge, streaming services can also be the best way to get your fix of p content. There's only one catch we can see; there are now so many streaming services out there, which should you choose? We hope to make that decision easy for you with our in-depth guide to the movie streaming services that are available right now. Netflix offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows, with several series being exclusive to the platform or even made and funded by Netflix itself.

Although there are one or two exceptions, the user interface of Netflix is standardised, offering a similar experience no matter the platform.

Almost all of the portals also offer the internet tv best options trading uk to set up different profiles, meaning you can store favourite shows and films for future viewing, and get personalised recommendations for each member of the family individually. A kids section is available as a different homescreen, which restricts the content accessible to just films and programming suitable for children.

And the media that is on offer for kids or adults is varied and plentiful. Adaptive streaming means that most of the time you will be able to watch your selected show or movie immediately, with the quality improving as bandwidth is made available. Most of the films and TV episodes are presented in HD, which means they are p and have 5. You will also need a 15Mbps broadband connection minimum. Netflix has recently introduced the ability to download movies and TV shows to your mobile device, so you can watch them offline.

Android users can even download content to a Micro SD card, so the only real limit to how much you can download depends on how much storage you have. If you're looking for the latest films, either those that have appeared recently on Blu-ray or DVD, or even made it to paid TV services, you will have to look elsewhere. In terms of movies on offer, there are some that are current - mainly those funded and made by Netflix itself - but most are two or more years old.

The UK version of the service has been criticised when compared to the US version, which has been around internet tv best options trading uk lot longer. Thanks to content deals, it can be argued that the US service has a better array of movie content and several series of shows that many would love to be able to access in Britain.

However, an interesting bonus is that when you travel to the States, you can access the local version over there on a mobile device using your UK account. The same with other regional versions of Netflix.

If you are halfway through a series of a particular TV show, for example, it is not unheard of for the series to be deleted from the service before you get a chance to watch the rest internet tv best options trading uk the episodes. Other services do the same but will often have a section flagged as "soon to be removed" or suchlike. The leading light in home entertainment.

The previous Lovefilm name continues as a postal disc-rental service, but is separate from the digital concern and it's only a matter of time before it is discontinued. By doing so, you get a whole stack of Amazon-based incentives too.

Some of the Amazon Prime membership content can also be downloaded for offline viewing. Although there might not be more films as such although some reports suggest there are in number termsthe amount of more recent movies in comparison to Internet tv best options trading uk is apparent. They are still plucked from the release window internet tv best options trading uk the end of a film's cycle, but from a seemingly better pool. The adaptive streaming is similar to Netflix, in that it alters the bitrate of pictures depending on bandwidth.

Some movies also in the highest resolution format are available for rental or purchase. The user experience for many devices has dramatically improved over time and although there are no profile options as yet, you can still mark shows or films for later viewing.

They will then appear in a dedicated area of the start-up screen. The bonus of being able to purchase or rent more recent releases as they come out for Blu-ray and DVD adds an all-new element that creates a more complete package than Internet tv best options trading uk. Although there is now an app for Roku, there are still some gaping holes in support - Apple TV for example.

The content, while plentiful, does still suffer from the lack of current triple-A titles. Adding the buy or rent side of the service for more recent movies and shows helps, but does increase the cost further.

The lack of profiles for individual family members means that you will find your suggestions quickly filled with those based on siblings' viewing habits. That internet tv best options trading uk, it's not a major problem and you might find the odd animated film you might have missed otherwise. Finally, on some devices, the user interface doesn't make clear the difference between subscription based Prime content and paid-for Instant films and TV shows.

You often find something you want to watch immediately and realise that you'll have to pay for it separately. It offers content to view live and on demand that would normally be broadcast by Sky on one or more of its many channels. With Sky being higher up the movie release window list, the films on offer through Now TV are excellent.

Not quite in line with new Blu-ray releases, but not far behind. It is also speedy in use, with films playing quickly after selection, although that might not be as true with lower-speed broadband connections. The service also uses adaptive streaming, meaning the bitrate can be altered depending on internet speed and its quality is very stable over a half-decent connection.

There are sections for content that is soon to be removed from the service, so you can ensure you catch up quickly before internet tv best options trading uk is gone. And the sports pay-per-view option is really handy for those who want to catch a specific football match or golf tournament, for example.

This means that images are streamed in only standard definition or p at best, depending on the platform. They internet tv best options trading uk better than a DVD but not quite Blu-ray quality. Finally, while the movie line-up is incredibly impressive, the entertainment TV side of Now TV is not as internet tv best options trading uk as found elsewhere.

The content available depends on your TV subscription and there is an extra add-on that allows you to expand the internet tv best options trading uk to include offline viewing on mobile devices. The Sky Q app also acts as access to Sky Go content, but adds the ability to download internet tv best options trading uk to watch offline. If you internet tv best options trading uk a Sky TV subscriber downloading and using Sky Go on your smartphone or tablet devices is a no brainer. Watching live sports when you're internet tv best options trading uk at home, or downloading a movie to watch on a plane with a Sky Go Extra add-on are each enough for a recommendation on their own.

Being able to also access a vast library of on-demand content to watch streamed to a device for no extra cost is an amazing bonus. Consider too that, if you have a Sky Movies package, you will gain access to the same reasonably up-to-date library as those who subscribe to Now TV.

The apps for the numerous devices are intuitive and well presented and the streamed content is of a high enough quality for the screen sizes.

And while the amount of devices supported by the Sky Go apps is growing, it is internet tv best options trading uk limited so you might find your older handset not covered. Although plenty of its films are available through other streaming services, including Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime Instant Video, Disney has also decided to offer its own subscription service. DisneyLife offers far more than just streamed versions of its movies or TV shows, internet tv best options trading uk.

It also gives access to a large library of age appropriate eBooks and music from its record label. Because it is run by Disney, the presentation and depth of content is very impressive. All the Disney classic animated films are available, as well as all of Pixar's output. Plenty of Disney archive material is available too, such as the entire Herbie movie series and the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks.

Plus, thanks to Disney now owning Star Wars, a whole load of content from the many cartoons, etc, is available too. Box sets of TV shows for kids young and old are on offer. And all shows and films come with character information and other fun reveals.

All shows and movies can also be downloaded for offline viewing - for a car journey, say. And content is available in high definition p where available. You can also set up profiles with parental controls for each member of the family - even the adults. It also needs to be made available on other devices. Considering it is relatively new though, that is something that is expected in time. MUBI is a movie streaming service like many others in that it is available across plenty of platforms and for a monthly subscription fee, but it concentrates on a curated list of cinematic treats you might not find anywhere else.

If you're looking for more niche films that have been hand chosen as they represent the great and good of cinema you've come to the right place.

You can be sure that the movies on offer have been selected for their quality, be that a better known blockbuster or foreign language independent.

Wherever possible, the films are presented in HD although that also depends on your internet connection. Like many other services, the quality is adaptive so will be dependent on the size of your data pipe. If you want to watch films while travelling, MUBI is also one of the rare services that lets you download them to iOS or Android internet tv best options trading uk for offline viewing, where they will be stored for a seven day period. The selection of films on offer on MUBI is much more limited than on many of its competitors, but it does offer a very different proposition and is therefore more niche.

If you're looking for superhero action films, for example, you will probably find a better range elsewhere. As the service also aims to present details on every film made through an expansive movie database, some have questioned why not all films found are available to stream. However, there are few services available that offer such in-depth information for true fans of cinema. There is no subscription option. Instead, you can rent internet tv best options trading uk buy the latest films as internet tv best options trading uk are released on DVD or Blu-ray to store in a digital locker and watch at your leisure.

And thanks to the Digital HD initiative from Fox Home Entertainment and other studios, you will often find blockbuster content that hasn't even been released on disc yet. It may feature the very latest films, but if you want to watch whole series of shows or several movies a month you could run up a weighty bill.

Some of its TV shows on offer are also available on subscriptions services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video, for example, so are not as cost effective as watching them for the set monthly fees they charge. HD content is only offered in p at present and with stereo sound, much like Now TV. And some devices can't play content in HD at all at present. It has a strong reputation in its homeland of Spain already and has made considerable waves since its launch in the UK.

TV shows internet tv best options trading uk only be bought outright. Their prices vary, costing about the same as a DVD or Blu-ray box set. The HD stream quality is dependent on each video, Pocket-lint has been told, which means it could be presented in either p or interlaced or progressive, we're not sure.

Others already offer surround sound. Also, only certain devices are capable of displaying HD content at all: Smart TVs, Chromecast, Windows devices and consoles, basically. Other tablets and computers are unable to stream HD content at present.

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Up to Mb per second. Over the 12 month contract period, including line rental and set up costs. Based on available pricing information. Be aware that broadband prices from some providers are subject to change. This summary is for informational purposes and is only based on projected costs. Brilliant Broadband with Entertainment Pass 12m contract.

Includes Over box sets on demand plus 11 premium channels. Up to 17 Mb per second. Deal ends on 23rd May. Line installation fees may apply. Fab Fibre with Entertainment Pass 12m contract. Up to 38 Mb per second. No set up fees. Deal ends on 19th Apr. Over the 18 month contract period, including line rental and set up costs. Up to 52 Mb per second. Deal ends on 5th Apr. Up to 76 Mb per second. Super Fibre with Entertainment Pass 12m contract.

Home entertainment has come a long way since the days of the family sitting listening to the wireless - or even sitting in the same room watching the same programme on TV. If you know what you are looking for then you can get some great deals on the very latest broadband and TV packages. Some customers may be using two separate companies to get their TV and broadband connection, often throwing away money in the process.

By combining the two, you are likely to actually save money as many providers give discounts to those customers who have more than one service. The range of TV and broadband deals is getting more flexible, so you can pick and choose which channels and services you want. You can make a tailor-made package to fit your circumstances, and the best deals are usually available to those who sign up for both services. The packages can include everything from minimal channels and basic broadband to access to all the newest TV shows, movies and sports packages combined with super-speed fibre-optic broadband.

It all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend. Our aim is to offer some of the best selections of TV and broadband packages available, making sure that you get the most of your money and get a tailored deal for you.

Our simple and easy-to-use comparison tool allows you choose what you want, making getting connected a walk in the park.

From all the biggest TV shows and movies to HD sports channels showing your favourite football, rugby and cricket games throughout the year. Term Any 12 months 18 months. Includes home broadband Any Yes.

Includes mobile broadband Any No. Includes landline Any Yes. Includes TV Any Yes. Free home phone calls Daytime calls. Digital Television Basic channels. Sports events Any Cricket: T20 Finals Day Cricket: Football League Championship Football: Netball World Cup Other: Tour de France Other: Rugby World Cup Rugby: Broadband and TV Packages Enter your postcode to see what's available in your area Please enter a valid postcode.

Superfast Fibre Broadband 76 Mbps. Virgin Cable Broadband Mbps. Refine your results Select your filters Filter from the providers available. All usage and call offers. Sort by monthly cost low to high Sort by monthly cost high to low Sort by usage high to low Sort by usage low to high Sort by speed high to low Sort by speed low to high Sort by exclusive deals first Sort by existing customer deals first Sort by deals ending soon first. Total contract Avg per month Monthly.

Sorry, there were no results for your search. This deal has been recommended to you based on popularity. This is not an advert. More info Less info. Go to site Go to site. Or call to order Or call to order What you'll get in this deal Up to Mbps fibre broadband: For busy households with devices. Virgin TV V6 box: Pause, rewind and record TV. Watch Netflix on your TV, if you subscribe. Broadband includes Up to Mbps cable broadband Unlimited usage 12 months contract.

Set up fees Equipment cost: Call charges UK landlines UK landline peak: Costs after your contract ends Monthly: Projected Cost summary Based on available pricing information. What you'll get in this deal Entertainment Pass with over box sets on demand. What to be aware of NOW Broadband network areas only, speeds vary significantly by location. Early Termination Charges will apply for customers who wish to cancel their broadband line during their contract period Prices, content and terms may change at any time during your contract.

Broadband includes Up to 38 Mbps superfast fibre broadband Unlimited usage 12 months contract. Pause and rewind live TV. Over hours of catch-up on Demand, plus flexible TV Boosts. What to be aware of A new line installation charge may apply for customers who need a new line. What you'll get in this deal BT Smart Hub: What to be aware of Available to new customers only. Broadband includes Up to 52 Mbps superfast fibre broadband Unlimited usage 18 months contract. Broadband includes Up to 38 Mbps superfast fibre broadband Unlimited usage 18 months contract.

Broadband includes Up to 76 Mbps superfast fibre broadband Unlimited usage 18 months contract. Broadband includes Up to 76 Mbps superfast fibre broadband Unlimited usage 12 months contract. Find cheap broadband and TV deals Home entertainment has come a long way since the days of the family sitting listening to the wireless - or even sitting in the same room watching the same programme on TV.

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