Make Money as an Import Export Trade Broker

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The import export trade professional can earn income in several different ways. When an import export agent functions like a sales agent, he or she represents a product, locates a buyer, negotiates the transaction and receives a commission.

The benefits of exporting are many, and there are numerous resources to assist them. These companies are very open to the services of an Export Management Company, or an International Trade Representative or broker or agent to assist them in areas of market entry, locating buyers, and negotiating the transaction. Professional consulting fees can be charged for services, along with commissions for any sales.

International Trade Representatives may also negotiate a monthly retainer in addition to their commissions. Businesses not only pay commissions for sales, but also for professional services. An Export Management company can complete an export business and international marketing plan and charge a professional fee for this service.

These are not difficult to research and complete once you have been trained in global business and international marketing. Research the product, the industry, and provide the manufacturer with the making money as an international trade brokers information. A representative may then also offer to implement the plan — you have done the research and identified the markets, now contact the buyers and earn a commission for the generated sales.

Some trade brokers may simply choose to function as a broker, connecting the buyer and seller. For example, Alex owns a trade company. He has a supplier in China for touch-screen tablets. He has a buyer who owns a small chain of video games and electronics stores.

Seeing the potential for more profits, Alex now imports the tablets himself and sells them directly to buyers on his website. Michelle lives in a southern state where a local manufacturer produces a snow removal device. As there are no local customers for this product, she asks the manufacturer where they are selling and learns that their sales are seasonal and limited to states where it snows. Michelle points out that making money as an international trade brokers in the world it is winter year-round, so why not export and turn the company into a year-round business instead of seasonal.

Her first transaction is with a buyer in Germany. Prakash has visited his family many times in India and has developed a relationship with a rug making money as an international trade brokers company in India. He imported an order of rugs for a regional chain of homegoods stores. In addition to locating U. There are many ways for an import export trade professional to earn income. Some additional streams include negotiating shipping and warehousing contracts, representing customers at trade shows and trade fairs, developing promotional material, referral commissions made for negotiating financial instruments, offering export consulting services, developing export business plans, and of course, receiving a commission for negotiating a sale.

The key is to find a need making money as an international trade brokers fill it and offer excellent customer service in the process so that your clients will call upon you regularly. We encourage you to contact us. Please call our training office directly at Our office hours are Monday — Friday, 8: Weekends and evenings by appointment. Click here to request information be emailed to you.

How does an Import Export Broker make money? How does having an Export Management Certificate help me to create income? Do NOT follow this link or you will be making money as an international trade brokers from the site!

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This is intended for those who wish to have their own import export business. Obviously, companies who manufacture a product know that they can earn larger profits by expanding their markets internationally. However, oftentimes, when a prospective import export entrepreneur thinks about entering the business world of importing and exporting, they sometimes do not have a clear picture of how they will make their money or get paid! I hope to help explain some possible income streams in this blog.

Most import export brokers or agents choose to work as a commissioned agent or broker. This is the easiest way to get started and because you are not purchasing, warehousing, or reselling products, this is also the method that requires the least amount of capital.

When you work as a broker or agent, you will put a buyer and seller together, negotiate and navigate the transaction, and collect a commission. Think of the real estate industry. A realtor lists a property, markets the property, and when a buyer comes along, they are the go between in the negotiation, and once the deal is done, they collect a commission. Andrew meets an electronics vendor. He is looking to purchase Droid-based touch tablets.

The buyer orders the tablets. Lorraine approaches an owner of a chain of tea and coffee stores with a sample of coffee from a supplier in the Dominican Republic. The buyer is interested in selling a private label coffee under the name of her stores. Lorraine locates a coffee supplier in the Dominican Republic. The supplier will package the product with the private label for a small fee. As you can see, the amount of the commission will vary depending upon the product, profit margin of the item, and volume.

The primary way to ensure payment is that when you agree to represent the manufacturer or supplier, you should have a signed representative agreement with your client.

Make sure you protect yourself and your payment with a contract that defines the relationship — what you will get paid, when you get paid, how they will pay you, what markets you may sell to and if there are any restrictions like minimum order quantities. Most brokers or agents agree upon a flat commission schedule. The main reasons you need an agreement are stated above — you also may want to have your parties sign a non-compete, non-disclosure agreement.

This will ensure that the buyer and seller do not go around you and cut you out of the transaction. It would also be in your best interest not to disclose too much information about either party during the negotiation phase of the transaction to prevent this from happening.

Agents or brokers can also earn money by negotiating professional services such as freight forwarding, web development, and storage facility contracts. Import export professionals can earn money by acting as consultants. Assist companies by setting up import export systems, provide training to key personnel, and assist in the development of marketing and export plans. Some innovative import export agents find a need and fill it!

An example of this is offering to represent a clients product or service at a trade show. Perhaps you have a source in the Trinidad and Tobago for fuel, liquefied natural gas. You can offer to attend a clean technology or fuel trade shows and represent the producer. You can also negotiate a commission on any deals you may close at the show. Many transactions happen at trade shows, so make sure you have that included in your representation agreement.

There are many ways to earn income in import and export — the key is to be creative and make sure you outline all the details of your agreement so there are no questions. Do You Have Questions? We encourage you to contact us. Please call our training office directly at Our office hours are Monday — Friday, 8: Weekends and evenings by appointment.

Make Money In Import and Export This is intended for those who wish to have their own import export business. How does an Import Export Broker make money? How does having an Export Management Certificate help me to create income? Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!