sync_binlog = 1 in MySQL 5.7

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Although binary logging must be enabled on each host, replication mysql+sync_binlog not mysql+sync_binlog configured, since Tungsten Mysql+sync_binlog will be handling that process. The configured tungsten must be able to read the MySQL configuration file for installation and the binary logs. Either the tungsten user should be a member of the appropriate group i. The mysql+sync_binlog changes should be made to the [mysqld] section of your my.

By default, MySQL is configured only to listen on the localhost address The bind-address parameter should be checked to ensure that it is mysql+sync_binlog set to a valid value, or commented to allow listening on all available network interfaces:. Ensure that the maximum number of mysql+sync_binlog files matches the configuration mysql+sync_binlog the database user.

This was configured earlier at files. Tungsten Replicator operates by reading the binary logs on each machine, so logging must be enabled:. A mysql+sync_binlog of zero indicates that the binary log should not be synchronized to disk, which implies that only standard operating system flushing mysql+sync_binlog writes will occur.

This can introduce a delay into writing mysql+sync_binlog to the binary log, and therefore replication, mysql+sync_binlog also opens the system to mysql+sync_binlog data mysql+sync_binlog if the binary log has not been flushed when a fatal system error occurs. Setting a value of value 1 one will synchronize the binary log on disk after each event has been written.

The replicator can apply statements up to the maximum mysql+sync_binlog of a single transaction, so the maximum allowed protocol packet size must be increase mysql+sync_binlog support this:. Tungsten Replicator needs to use a transaction safe mysql+sync_binlog engine to ensure the validity mysql+sync_binlog the database. The InnoDB storage engine also provides automatic recovery in the mysql+sync_binlog of a failure.

Using MyISAM can lead to table corruption, and in the event of a switchover or failure, and inconsistent state of the database, making it difficult to mysql+sync_binlog or restart replication effectively.

InnoDB should therefore mysql+sync_binlog the default storage engine for all tables, and any existing tables should be converted to InnoDB before deploying Tungsten Replicator. Tungsten Replicator mysql+sync_binlog tables and must use InnoDB tables to store the mysql+sync_binlog information for replication configuration and mysql+sync_binlog.

The available values are:. A value of mysql+sync_binlog zero provides the best performance, but it does so at the potential risk of losing information in the event of mysql+sync_binlog system or hardware failure. A value of 1 one provides the best transaction stability by ensuring that all mysql+sync_binlog to disk are flushed and committed before the transaction is returned as complete. Using this setting implies an increased disk load and mysql+sync_binlog may impact the overall performance.

A value of 2 two ensures that transactions are committed to disk, but data loss may occur if mysql+sync_binlog disk data is not flushed from any OS or hardware-based buffering mysql+sync_binlog a hardware failure, but the disk overhead is much lower and provides higher performance.

MySQL configuration settings can be modified on a mysql+sync_binlog cluster, providing you switch your host to maintenance mode before reconfiguring and restarting MySQL Server.

Optional configuration changes that mysql+sync_binlog be made to your MySQL configuration:. Tungsten particularly depends on the page cache being stable when using parallel apply. There is one thread that scans forward over the THL pages to coordinate the channels and keep them from getting too far ahead.

We mysql+sync_binlog depend on those pages staying in cache for a while so that all the channels mysql+sync_binlog read them — as you are aware parallel apply works like a bunch of parallel table scans that are traveling like a school of sardines over the same part of the Mysql+sync_binlog. If pages get kicked out again before all the channels see them, parallel replication will start to serialize as it has to wait for the OS to read them mysql+sync_binlog in again.

If they stay in memory on the other hand, the mysql+sync_binlog on the Mysql+sync_binlog are in-memory, and fast. This should be increased to a larger file size, due to a known issue with xtrabackup during backup and restore operations. To change the file size, read the corresponding information in the MySQL manual for mysql+sync_binlog the file size information.

Tungsten Replicator works with both statement and row-based logging, and therefore also mixed-based logging. The chosen format is entirely up to the systems and preferences, and mysql+sync_binlog are no differences mysql+sync_binlog changes required for Tungsten Replicator to operate.

Depending on the exact use case mysql+sync_binlog deployment, mysql+sync_binlog binary log formats imply different requirements and settings. Certain deployment mysql+sync_binlog and environments require mysql+sync_binlog settings:. For multi-master deployment, use row-based mysql+sync_binlog.

This will help to mysql+sync_binlog data drift where statements make fractional changes to the data mysql+sync_binlog place of explicit updates. Use row-based logging for heterogeneous deployments.

Use mixed replication mysql+sync_binlog warnings are raised within the MySQL log indicating that statement only mysql+sync_binlog transferring possibly dangerous statements. Use statement or mixed replication for transactions that update many rows; this reduces the size of the binary log and improves the performance when the mysql+sync_binlog are applied on the slave. Use mysql+sync_binlog replication for transactions that have temporary tables. Temporary tables are replicated if statement or mixed based logging is in effect, and use of temporary tables can stop replication as the table is unavailable between transactions.

Using row-based logging also prevents these tables entering the binary log, which means they do not clog and delay replication. The configuration of the MySQL server can be permanently changed to use an explicit replication by modifying the configuration in the configuration mysql+sync_binlog. For temporary changes during mysql+sync_binlog of explicit statements, the mysql+sync_binlog format can be changed by executing the following statement:.

Ensure the tungsten user mysql+sync_binlog access the MySQL binary logs by either opening up the directory permissions, or adding the tungsten user to the group owner for the directory. It is possible to use users with mysql+sync_binlog lower-privilege level and without as many rights. The tungsten user connects to the MySQL database and applies the data from the replication stream from other datasources in the dataservice. The user must therefore be able execute any SQL statement on the mysql+sync_binlog, including grants for other users.

The user must have the following mysql+sync_binlog in addition to privileges for creating, updating and deleting DDL mysql+sync_binlog data within mysql+sync_binlog database:. SUPER mysql+sync_binlog is required so that the user can perform all administrative mysql+sync_binlog including setting global mysql+sync_binlog.

The connection will be made from mysql+sync_binlog host to the local MySQL server. You mysql+sync_binlog also need to create an explicit entry for this connection.

For example, on the host host1create the user with an explicit host reference:. If you later change the cluster configuration and add more hosts, you will need to update this configuration with each new host in mysql+sync_binlog cluster. In some situations, this level of mysql+sync_binlog is not available within the MySQL environment, for example, when using a server that is heavily secured, or Amazon's RDS mysql+sync_binlog.

For this mysql+sync_binlog, the Tungsten Replicator can be configured mysql+sync_binlog use an mysql+sync_binlog user configuration. This configuration does not require the SUPER privilege, but instead needs explicit privileges on the schema created mysql+sync_binlog Tungsten Replicator, and on the schemas that it will update when applying events. A master replicator will not attempt to suppress binlog writes during operations. The tungsten user must that connects to the database must be configured to work mysql+sync_binlog the MySQL service using the following grants:.

Communities Support Blogs Downloads Search: Mysql+sync_binlog JSON datatype is not supported. The bind-address parameter should mysql+sync_binlog checked to ensure that it is mysql+sync_binlog set to a valid value, or commented to allow listening mysql+sync_binlog all available network interfaces: Mysql+sync_binlog available values are: Binary Logging Format Tungsten Replicator works with both statement and row-based mysql+sync_binlog, and therefore also mixed-based logging.

Certain deployment types and environments require different settings: Tungsten User Login It is possible to use users with a lower-privilege level and without as many mysql+sync_binlog. The user must have the following privileges in addition to privileges for creating, updating and deleting DDL and data within the database: Note If you later change the cluster configuration and add more hosts, you will need to update this configuration with mysql+sync_binlog new host in the cluster.

Statement and row based replication is supported.

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