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A young woman is involuntarily committed to a mental institution where she nabtrade options for youth confronted by her greatest fear — but is it real or is it a product of her delusion? You can nabtrade options for youth more information about the movie nabtrade options for youth its website and view the trailer at the top of this page. Digital Photography Review dpreview. Netflix has acquired the rights to Kodachromean upcoming Jason Sudeikis movie about the last days of the Kodachrome film era.

Is this the most terrifying musical instrument ever made? But just you wait until composer Mark Coven, whose work includes the stunning score for the horror film The Witch, sits down at it and starts to play. Korven, who has scored a number of feature films over the years, was sick of using the same old digital samples to get the signature scraping, creaking, squealing and rumbling sounds that help provide a hair-raising atmosphere.

The world of creating analog sound effects in audio post-production is pretty fascinating, and foley artists use all sorts of weird objects to create many of the sounds you hear in an average movie or TV show. But Korven wanted something very specific, all together in a single instrument, so he turned to his friend Tony Duggan-Smith, a guitar maker, to help him craft it.

In this video, Korven demonstrates to Great Big Story how the Apprehension Engine works as he plucks, wiggles, flicks, thumps and runs a bow across the various objects connected to the instrument.

The latter roamed the nabtrade options for youth streets of Los Angeles in his Corvette, one of only 3, manufactured that year and one of only FOUR painted black. Ditto for the red Corvette driven by Paxton playing sleazy used car salesmen Simon as he regales AH-nold on his time-tested seduction technique: It was then modified with the addition of a passenger seat and made the rounds of the auto show circuit.

Thank you, XP, thank you very much. Mustang owners most definitely approve. On the surface it looks like your average popcorn-friendly flick, but photographers may have a hard time looking past a few bothersome details we spotted in the trailer. Here they are in no particular order.

Is the flash on this camera powered directly by the sun? Not only is it needlessly bright, the flash makes a piercing noise as the capacitor supposedly charges it. This camera came out of a dusty old box with a bunch of film in mint condition? Maybe possessed Polaroids have a much longer shelf life than the garden-variety stuff.

With its 20MP Four Thirds sensor and deep video-centric feature set, it looks likely to pick up where the GH4 left off as a favorite of indie filmmakers and photographers whose interests venture into the realm of motion picture work. Support for anamorphic 4K capture will also be added at that point. The eye-catching feature on the GH5 is its ability to shoot 4K footage at up to Footage is oversampled from 5.

Internal recording will be limited to 8-bit 4: At lower frame rates, the camera can capture bit, 4: To understand the distinction and much of what is significant about the GH5read our basic explanation of video capture terminology.

The latest version samples the scene more often and builds up a higher-resolution depth map, for faster, more decisive focus. The GH5 also gains a more advanced algorithm for interpreting movement within the scene, to reduce the risk of the camera getting confused by movement as it builds its depth map.

This, combined with faster sensor readout, should mean faster and more accurate autofocus. Further to this, Panasonic has added more AF configuration options to help the camera understand subject movement and the correct response to it. Panasonic is keen to stress the GH5 is intended for stills as well as video. The greater processing power of the GH5 allows the camera to consider a wider area of the image when calculating the color values from each pixel.

Panasonic says this makes it possible to extract greater JPEG resolution from the captured image. Updated noise reduction is also supposed to be better at distinguishing between noise and detail, meaning that detail is better preserved during the noise reduction process. Also on the stills side of things, the GH5 offers higher resolution versions of its video-derived stills features such as 4K Photo, Post Focus and Focus Stacking.

As before, there are various ways of triggering the mode to ensure you have a short video clip from which you can extract exactly the moment you wanted to capture. Powered by AAA batteries or a separate power bank via USB, the Movie Maker includes a rail, motorized head and a clamp to accommodate most smartphones. The motorized head can also be used separately from the rail to pan degrees for panorama.

As smartphones become more and more capable, they are becoming one of the most important tools for creating video content for both brands and individuals. By video will account for almost 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. Even now, Facebook experiences 8 billion video views per day. But as video proliferates, standing out from the crowd becomes an increasing challenge. Co-founder Rhys Bradley said: With the Nabtrade options for youth Maker, smartphone users can now create beautiful movie quality footage that used to take massive pieces of expensive film making equipment with a set of highly portable tools that can fit in a camera bag!

Co-founder Dean Tzembelikos nabtrade options for youth It will enhance the video making experience and bring out the creative juices in everyone. The Movie Maker will shortly be available on Amazon as well as at www. These 12 abandoned adult movie theaters hark back to the days before the advent of the internet let porn aficionados get their kicks without nabtrade options for youth home.

The bedraggled Franklin Theater was once a posh picture-show palace that seated privileged patrons per sitting. This audience-friendly feature allowed the theater to hang on another decade or so until it met the sad fate common to far too many Detroit establishments: The Kinsei Theater in Yokosuka, Japan managed to hold out well into the 21st century though more recent photos appear to show a more expected outcome.

Credit the nice folks at Bugaga. Flickr user Emanuele zak mc captured the rich tableau above on September 5th of A casual crowd of all ages traverses the Seville, Spain street nabtrade options for youth oblivious to the decrepit SALA X adult movie theater moldering away on the sidelines.

Note the curious upside-down sign just to the right of the theater. Astronauts based on the International Space Station have been working as movie makers to help create a 3D film featuring the planet Earth as viewed from space. The film includes dramatic views of the planet lit up at night as well as overhead perspectives on weather systems and the Northern Lights.

Nabtrade options for youth in association with NASA, the film aims to educate viewers about Earth, but also to highlight the effects humanity has on the planet. This was the first nabtrade options for youth that 4K cameras were brought aboard the space station for a commercial film project. These awe-inspiring images were previously unattainable in such stunning resolution.

The Canon EOS C 4K x pixel Digital Cinema Camera is capable of originating uncompressed RAW output for external recording to meet the demands of premium cinematic productions and other top-quality production markets. It features a Super 35mm, 8.

The compact, lightweight Canon EOS-1D C Digital SLR camera delivers outstanding video performance and provides video recording at 4K x pixel or Full HD x pixel resolution to support high-end motion picture, television production and other advanced imaging applications. Joining him will nabtrade options for youth Marsha Ivins, a consultant on the film, former NASA astronaut, and a veteran of five space shuttle missions.

Neihouse has worked on more than 30 IMAX films including Space Station 3D and Hubble 3D and trained more than 25 shuttle and space-station crews on the intricacies of large-format filmmaking.

About A Beautiful Planet A Nabtrade options for youth Planet is a breathtaking portrait nabtrade options for youth Earth from space, providing a unique perspective and increased understanding of our planet and galaxy as never seen before. Made in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASAthe film features stunning footage of our magnificent blue planet — and the effects humanity has had on it over time — captured by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station ISS.

From space, Earth blazes at night with the electric intensity of human expansion — a direct visualization of our changing world. But it is within our power to nabtrade options for youth the planet.

As we continue to explore and gain knowledge of our galaxy, we also develop a deeper connection to the place we all call home. Built around the classic Super 8 film format, the camera does make some nods to contemporary digital technology: But the film is the real star of the show, nabtrade options for youth processing is included in the cost.

Netflix acquires rights to Kodachrome: Comments Off on Netflix acquires rights to Kodachrome: Comments Off on The Apprehension Engine: Like A Rock Star: Comments Off on 3 things that will bug photographers about the Polaroid movie trailer Posted in Uncategorized.

Still image processing Nabtrade options for youth is keen to stress the GH5 is intended for stills as well as video. Comments Off on Movie Maven: Grip Gear introduces Movie Maker, a nabtrade options for youth slider for smartphones and action cams 30 Nov. Press release Hollywood production tools arrive for smartphones.

Flickering Out The Kinsei Theater in Yokosuka, Japan managed to hold out well into the 21st century though more recent photos appear to show a more expected outcome. Ex-Salax Flickr user Emanuele zak mc captured the rich tableau above on September 5th of Comments Off on Stripped: Comments Off on 4K from Space: Comments Off on CES

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