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Recent studies by John B. Gleason and Jonathan Arnold have taken a skeptical stance, viewing Colet as temperamentally inflexible and irascible, ineffectually abstemious in his dealings as Dean with the chapter at St. In his extant writing, mostly reacting to works by St. Revisiting his situation at the time he decided to move back to London permits study of the consequences, contingencies, and broad social and cultural cross-currents related to that choice.

There the density of an urban population and the close physical juxtaposition of high and low among both laity and clergy fostered tensions evident in conflicts between common lawyers and ecclesiasts who advocated clerical immunities and jurisdictions or between those who brought to the city expectations rooted in agrarian tithing and those whose ecclesiastical support derived from the profits of urban commerce, markets and trades.

Other tensions emerged from the physical proximity of a growing, restive citizenry to what seemed prelatical opulence, akin to the wealth and power of the royal court.

Rural ideals of pastoral ministry were at odds with the religious experience of established Londoners, who would have witnessed clerical abuses close at hand and at many hierarchical levels Brigden His education apparently included several years of study in Italy and France, during which he cultivated a conviction of the need for trained Latinity as a means of communication and a curiosity about the historical situation of the primitive church.

To say so much does not mean that he duplicated the sophisticated Ciceronian Latinity of the professional humanists circulating through England during the reign of Henry VII: Rather, his Latinity modulates between a utilitarian, plain style and an impulsively passionate one, seasoned with moments of contemplative eloquence.

In expositions on Paul and Dionysius, Colet pauses often to insert abrupt contemporary applications that reveal his tendency to query received nostrums while revering what he understood as apostolic tradition and the practices and thinking of the early church. On jul 8 anthony romano and others published expression reduction from programs in a symbolic binary, he often takes the role of an outsider set against what he portrays as corrupt or degraded ecclesiastical, economic and political structures, including at times those that, ironically, had helped him advance to his position as Dean Carlson It unites many otherwise little-related events, including his public admonitions to the English ecclesiastical hierarchy gathered at Convocation in and his conflicts with Richard Fitzjames, Bishop of London, that led to an apparently unprosecuted charge against Colet of heresy Gleason Challenge to received custom seems also to lie behind the resentment of him by the minor clergy at St.

Again, according to a summary transcribed by Sir Edward Walker inColet preached in at the installation of Wolsey as cardinal, praising the spiritual duty of the office as a demonstrative challenge to Wolsey -- like himself a product of the rising yeomen -- to spurn vices precisely of the sort that later were attributed to the prelate: Yet one can imagine Colet dwelling amidst the urban swirl of law and commerce surrounding St.

Contrasts between the urban and rural are familiar in the writings of early modern England, with roots in Greco-Roman pastoral. When Colet did arrive in London inhe resided in a city increasingly perceived as the commercial, political, and cultural hub amidst other less powerful English urban centers, towns, markets, villages, and country houses. Yet he never seems to have submitted fully to the demands of London as an urban power. Here is no threatening tyrant, no insolent layman, no foul-mouthed Detractor; here no wrath, no political factions, no complaints, no perfidy, no clamor and shouting men, no sound of on jul 8 anthony romano and others published expression reduction from programs in a symbolic binary and clashing of arms; furthermore, here you will find no greed, envy, ambition, or thresholds of arrogant men to be crossed with fear, but instead joy and simplicity and freedom, that desirable state between wealth and poverty, a temperate and gentle rusticity, a harmless folk and unarmed people, a peaceful region whose bishop is an excellent man.

Less than two years earlier 19 Julyhowever, Petrarch instead had written to his old friend Luca Cristiani to bemoan and defend the vanity of his wishes. No hope drew me here [to Vaucluse], no need or pleasure except the austere and rustic kind, indeed not even my love for my friends, which is one of the most honored of earthly reasons. What friends could I have here where no one understands the meaning of friendship?

The common people, intent as they are on working their sterile clods, their flourishing vineyards and olive trees, or their lines and nets in the river, can have no kind of fellowship in my life and in my conversations.

Indeed only after careful consideration have I returned Given so balanced a suspension of feelings and wishes, how could Petrarch determine the value of either the urban or rural? For most of the twenty years prior to his receiving the deanship at St.

Yet his childhood roots were in the city. A rising star in that company during the s, Henry Colet pursued a career built upon his fortunate marriage, ambitious energy, and wise investments. Contra Gleason, the faculty may well have on jul 8 anthony romano and others published expression reduction from programs in a symbolic binary Colet to substitute his stay on the continent in Italy and France c. While completing the doctorate, Colet would have been expected to maintain ties to the university even if non-resident, since he would have been obliged to fulfill requirements to lecture, preach, serve as responder and questioner at disputations, and attend some lectures Greenslade Before receiving his doctorate aroundthen, Colet could have spent little of the preceding twenty-four years in London, despite its dominant place in his fortunes and career.

Colet retained this living until when he settled into St. According to the nineteenth-century historian Walter Thornbury, the vicar at Stepney in earned a substantial twelve marks annually; inthe annual income was seventy pounds. This valuable living had been held before Colet by upwardly mobile ecclesiasts, notably in the s Richard Fox, bishop on jul 8 anthony romano and others published expression reduction from programs in a symbolic binary several successive sees and founder of Corpus Christi College, Oxford chartered He and his mother entertained Erasmus there during and on jul 8 anthony romano and others published expression reduction from programs in a symbolic binary The idea of Stepney as a refuge is conveyed visually in contemporary landscapes of the area around London Tower and the region to the east.

Such a suspension is confirmed by More in his letter, dated 23 October and customarily assigned to Around this period he lectured at St. Lawrence Jewry on The City of God Since More subsequently invites Colet to spend time at Stepney, Colet could not have been residing there, presumably relying upon the services of a curate to tend to St.

Colet had held this vicarage sincewhen he was still working toward an arts degree at Cambridge Luptonn2. Though drawing as Marius suggests on pastoral topoi that oppose the urban to the rural, More nevertheless makes his contrast neither simple nor focused on rural pleasure by highlighting the stark, grim realities of the city.

In the Eclogue, the shepherds represent the paradox of Rome, a site of enslavement and liberty, guarantor of otium through negotium. Whereas Amaryllis is an urban insider who liberates rural Tityrus, More reverses the polarity by casting the outsider Colet as the prospective protector and healer of the morally enslaved, physically cramped city.

More appeals to Colet to return to help its citizens live well despite physical and spiritual pollution: Nay, even houses block out from us I know not how large a measure of light, and do not permit us to see the heavens.

And the round horizon does not limit the air but the lofty roofs. I really cannot blame you if you are not yet tired of the country where you live among simple people, unversed in the deceits of the city: There you see nothing but the generous gifts of nature and the traces of our primeval innocence.

An odd argument this, to lure Colet back to London. More establishes two central binaries, both privileging rural life: The clergy and middle class, too, were bound to the city by their professional and economic networks.

When he began his service as Dean at St. In a diagram of St. But he conveys well the oppressive crowdedness More and Colet would have identified with the churchyard, including the independent parishes of St. Lena Cowen Orlin, Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania P,p. Instead, More inverts the conventional pastoral values of rural and urban as a means of appealing to Colet as a spiritual healer. He may have been reluctant, too, to cross from his learned and religious life outside London to the administrative concerns he would have to endure.

He returned to London to join the chapter at St. He took on his formal duties by 21 June Gleason 32 and n From this point until his death inColet served as Dean. He made occasional expeditions to places such as Stepney and Oxford but ordinarily he remained close to St. Rather than becoming the spiritual healer More had envisioned, Colet seems often to have been viewed as a stern outsider, one willing to make bold yet impolitic attacks upon the great and powerful as well as those of lesser status, applying his spiritual medicine with a conviction sometimes perceived as arrogance.

His activities in the cause of education, ongoing ties with the Mercers, and political connections that grow in fits and starts after his Convocation Sermon reveal his connectedness to life in London. Scarred by ongoing conflicts with the chapter and recently accused of heresy by Bishop Fitzjames, Colet writes on 20 October from London to Erasmus in tones that range from irony to sincerity: Your friends here are all well: I think daily of retiring and taking refuge among the Carthusians.

My nest is nearly finished. When you return to us, as far as I can guess, you will find me there dead to worldly things. Cotidie meditor meum secessum et latibulum apud Cartusienses.

Nidus noster prope perfectus est. Reuersus ad nos, quantum coniicere possum, illic mortuum mundo me reperies. Whatever the translation, the word denotes a place set apart and a place that, so far as evidence permits, Colet never actually inhabited, at least for any length of time.

Rather than achieving death to the world at Sheen, Colet recovered from the ecclesiastical skirmishes with Fitzjames and remained firmly bound to London as Dean and to the court through royal appointments to commissions and, by 25 Januaryto the Privy Council.

But even in these last years, echoes of the nostalgic suspension More had framed in on jul 8 anthony romano and others published expression reduction from programs in a symbolic binary to have haunted Colet.

No doubt like many fellow-Londoners, he sought refuge in a fantasy of flight from urbanity even as he remained fixed within the city walls and refused to abandon his identity as spiritual healer. Readings that see Colet as an inflexible moralist and stern theologian include those by Eugene Rice and H. Because the eighteen-year-old Colet was still about fourteen years from ordination when he received the living, he must have followed the practice outlined by Peter Heath, who refers to the case of Lawrence Hosky, vicar of St.

If he was consistent with his convictions about the need for an educated clergy, Colet would have ensured his curate would be literate, but a stand-in nonetheless. Home Journal Conference About Contact.

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