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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. All Questions newest 1 featured frequent votes active unanswered. Adapter class displaying characters' info I have finished creating an adapter class which displays characters' info. When I looked back and reviewed my own code, I think the code fragment below somehow could be broken into pep8 171-1 binary methods. Checking whether textboxes have data I always end up creating a quick return statement above pep8 171-1 binary code block if the simple condition of textbox null fields are found.

Naturally, these tend to build up the more controls are added. My implementation of Stack and Queue with Array without help of library functions I am new to Java and am trying to learn coding. Here is my implementation of a stack and a queue without the help of library functions.

Please provide your suggestions on design, coding style and SLR 69 1 5. I'm only really interested in the object it Modeling a control polygon for a piecewise spline curve Aim I'm modeling pep8 171-1 binary control polygon for a piecewise spline curve.

Each sub-spline is defined by a location the spline must pass through, as well as a forward tangent, and a backwards tangent. Sylvain Pep8 171-1 binary 1, 2 Scala implicit conversion to add methods to Int I started learning Scala, and like most functional languages, things get messy pretty quickly for a beginner. Here I have built a wrapper class for Int s so that I Removing elements in an array [closed] I have a piece of code where I compare two arrays for similar values, then remove the similar values from one of the arrays.

Is there a better way of writing this piece of code? Ortho Home Defense 5. Polynomial curve-fitting over a large 3D data set I have a list of 4 images, called listfile.

Simple example of a hash table using square as key I'm studying hash tables, pep8 171-1 binary wrote the following to serve as a simple example. Does this properly demonstrate the basic concept of a hash table? Domagoj Pordan 23 3. Find all permutations in an array of string in ruby I pep8 171-1 binary at the job interview yesterday.

And there is a question that asks me to find all the permutations in an array of string in ruby: Optimizing a binary search algorithm I have implemented a binary search algorithm in C.

Can anyone give me suggestions on improving its effectiveness? Vasko Yanakiev 8 2. FutureTask in Android, wait for a thread to execute the next one This code is executed on a background service every 60 seconds on an Android app. Caching wrapper for digest computation I need to review this code: Extension method to retrieve list of days in the current week I want to get pep8 171-1 binary days of the current week from Monday to Sunday with a custom time.

To do this, I have written an extension method for TimeSpan:

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Standards are officially published or well agreed upon formats, procedures, or protocols. They allow individuals or organizations to collaborate by setting ground rules or boundaries. Standards often come with a set of preconditions or assumptions, which allow collaborators to take those conditions Tagged Questions info newest frequent votes active unanswered. Learn moreā€¦ Top users Synonyms 1. It seems like having a single standard for EOL characters would be really nice. Nathan Hinchey 1 Javadoc documentation standards Define a method with the header private String formatString String origString to return a for- matted origString after applying.

What is the standard to stop browser dev tool editing to bypass disabled elements? Corey 68 1 Standard write-only dummy file-like Python object [duplicate] [EDIT] It is not important why I do want to have a dummy of writeable file-like object, but I would like to avoid unnecessary possibility of a memory leak io. Is there any standard Spontaneously, the keyboard in win10 does not work anymore.

I've followed many procedures to fix the Alain mbungu 1 1. Is inheritability of lambdas guaranteed by the standard? Is a container sure to be a range conceptually? From the documentation of ranges-v3: Useful for converting containers to ranges. What makes me confused are: Is there a non-hacky way to prevent bouncing on my webpages on iOS Safari? It just so happens that on iOS I do not want that fancy bouncing on my own website and the ones I visit. What PDF standards are supported by iText exactly version 5.

I can not find this information on iText web sites. Radek Kantor 12 4. Which specs do we follow? Which gives the most authoritative spec? Is there anything wrong with reassigning Python variables to different types?

An example of what I'm asking is below. I have the code: Michael Hladun 1 1. I have this piece down fairly well. This customer is using a Classic Load Balancer. I need to use a Standard Load Balancer due to the network Human readable alternative for UUIDs I am working on a system that makes heavy use of pseudonyms to make privacy-critical data available to researchers. These pseudonyms should have the following properties: They should not contain any Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.