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I would like to begin by thanking you and the Prime Minister for the confidence that you showed me by asking me to preside over the Government's consultations on linguistic duality and official languages.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve my country in the context of these rich exchanges. Prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr individuals and organizations that I met demonstrated unabashed passion and commitment to official languages and linguistic duality.

I believe that they will continue to be dedicated partners for strengthening these fundamental values of Canadian identity. Through this letter I am presenting you with my Report on the Government Consultations on Linguistic Duality and Official Languagesas well as the resulting recommendations. I hope this document and its recommendations will be of use to you in elaborating the Government's new strategy for the next phase of the Action Plan. I am confident that this new strategy will prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr to build on what has already been accomplished by governments and official language minority communities, and reflect your Government's commitment to this key issue.

I wish you much success in its elaboration and implementation. On December 3,Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister Verner tasked me with the responsibility of presiding over and facilitating regional consultations and to report back on the consultative process with recommendations to the Minister for her consideration in the elaboration of a strategy for the next phase of the Action Plan for Prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr Languages. The consultations highlighted the support for bilingualism and linguistic duality that is present across the country.

I had the pleasure to meet and have frank discussions with a multitude of organizations and individuals. The overwhelming majority of people I heard from, regardless of their origins, their area of involvement or their age, is ready and committed to the promotion of linguistic duality in Canada.

The passion they expressed for their communities and for the principle of linguistic duality, and the honesty with which they confronted current issues and challenges prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr very much appreciated. The consultative process tapped into the dynamism and commitment of those who work in an area important to Canadian identity. I would like to thank all those who took the time to participate in the consultations and whose contribution informed my recommendations regarding the next steps that the Government of Canada should take in its support of official languages.

Throughout this process, I had the pleasure and privilege of working with a team of public officials and advisors without whom organizing the consultations and drafting this report would not have been possible.

Their support made the task of synthesizing these rich conversations much easier. I would like to thank them for their hard work and commitment. This report summarizes the exchange of perspectives that occurred prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr these last few months in the context prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr these consultations.

While it is impossible for me to repeat all that was said, the essential points are reflected and inform my recommendations. I call upon the Government to consider the points of view expressed in this report and I make some recommendations regarding the overall direction of the next phase of the Action Prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr for Official Languages.

As announced in the Speech from the Throne, the Government of Canada is committed to actively supporting linguistic duality in Canada. In so doing, it fosters the equality of status for English and French, which implies equitable treatment of speakers of English and French.

In a context of globalization and growing diversity in the country, and prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr that the Action Plan will soon be coming to an end, the Government organized consultations in order to gather the perspectives of Canadians on important issues relating to linguistic duality and the development of official language prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr communities.

These consultations are just one of the sources of information that will inform the elaboration of the strategy for the next phase of the Action Plan. The Government of Canada will also draw on the ongoing dialogue between federal, provincial and territorial departments and the official language communities.

These consultations discussed a broad range of themes, demographic changes, the economy, new technologies and government modernization. Following a brief overview of the context, this report offers an overview of the main elements of the answers to the discussion questions see Appendix C and the main issues raised during these consultations.

My recommendations take into consideration everything I heard, as well as the documents and submissions that were submitted during the consultations of these last months. According to Census figures, the two official languages, English and French, are the languages most frequently spoken by a large majority of Canadians 98 percentwhile 94 percent use them most often or regularly at home. Of the 31, Canadians, approximately 18, have English as their mother tongue Anglophonesan increase of 3 percent sinceand approximately 6, people have French as their mother tongue Francophonesor an increase of 1.

For both groups, the increase was slightly larger than the growth observed in the preceding five-year period. Anglophones still make up the majority of the population. While the number of Anglophones continued to increase, their share of the Prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr population dropped from The same is true for Francophones. Prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr share of the population declined from The rapid growth in the immigrant population prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr a mother tongue other than French or English allophone explains the decrease of Anglophone and Francophone communities.

Although there are Prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr living in every Canadian province, they are unevenly distributed. Outside Quebec, the number of Francophones with French as a mother tongue reachedcompared within andin According to the Census, 4. This proportion is in decline compared to the one observed in 4.

In fact, the Francophones from these three provinces, 6, of them, represent more than In Quebec, Anglophones represent approximatelyindividuals, prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr the number increases toindividuals if we include those who have English as their first official language spoken.

Although Anglophones reside in all parts of Quebec, they are distributed unevenly across the province. In this region,persons have English as their first official language spoken; these represent 60 percent of the English-speaking population of Quebec. Between andthe regional Anglophone communities in Quebec experienced different changes, some having important growth and others a considerable decline of population.

The Census is the first census since the s to reveal an increase in the Anglophone population of Quebec. Between andEnglish-French bilingualism has grown steadily in Canada. During this period the number of bilingual Canadians tripled, jumping from 1. About 5, respondents indicated that they were bilingual. Of those individuals, approximately 53 percent are Francophones and In Canada, the knowledge of French increased between and among the Anglophone population from 9.

Bilingualism grew or remained unchanged among Anglophones in every prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr and territory since In Quebec, nearly seven out of 10 Anglophones The figure below presents bilingualism rates and how they were distributed across Canada inand Linguistic duality is promoted as part of the changing face of Canada, marked by immigration and cultural diversity.

According to a Decima Research poll, conducted for Canadian Heritage, 72 percent prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr Canadians are in favour of bilingualism in Canada, an increase of 16 percent since This figure represents significant progress, especially among Anglophones, where the level of support for language equality sits at 65 percent.

Support is even stronger among young people agedwith 80 percent in favour of bilingualism see Figure 2 for the regional breakdown. The Survey also found that 82 prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr of Francophones and 74 percent of Anglophones believe that both official language groups should receive the same quality of education and are prepared to provide minority schools with increased resources in order to achieve this. Agree that prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr is important for children to learn a language other than English French in Quebec.

This same Survey found that 70 percent of Canadians felt that bilingualism was a defining feature of the country; for 65 percent of Canadians, linguistic duality is a source of cultural enrichment. The fact that English and French are spoken in Canada, according to A similar proportion of Canadians 81 percent acknowledges and supports the idea of Canada remaining bilingual.

Roughly 8 out of 10 Canadians including 94 percent of Francophones believe that finding employment is a good reason to become bilingual. They truly believe that being bilingual could help them find work. As well, 70 percent of Canadians outside Quebec believe that French should be compulsory in all primary schools. However, many factors can explain why a majority of Canadians are not bilingual. Notably, 76 percent stated that there is a certain degree of apathy about learning the other language.

Of these, 70 percent cited a lack of opportunity to speak that language, and 62 percent of Canadians would take French courses English courses in Quebec if they were more readily accessible. According to the Decima Research Poll, Also, 41 percent of Canadians feel that the Government of Canada should get more actively involved in promoting and protecting the status and use of French in Canadian society.

Following the enactment of the Official Languages Act the Act ina number of programs were created to promote minority-language education and to provide support for official language minority communities. The Parliamentary Resolution of made, for the first time, the Government of Canada responsible for ensuring the full participation prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr members of Anglophone and Francophone communities in the public service. Ina Treasury Board Circular a policy series made a general statement directed toward all institutions subject to the Act.

This Circular introduced the bilingualism bonus and the delegation of authority and accountability to institutions. Accountability was achieved through annual plans and other monitoring and evaluation methods.

Since the enactment of the Official Languages Act OLAunder certain conditions services had to be offered in both official languages. Therefore, the Treasury Board Secretariat set up advisory committees for the departments and Crown corporations subject to the OLA in order to establish an official languages consultation and communication mechanism with key stakeholders. The OLA also included provisions for intergovernmental cooperation on minority-language services and the promotion of linguistic duality.

This led to the creation of official languages support programs of which the following were prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr elements: Inthe Government adopted the Official Languages Regulations Communications with and Services to the Publicwhich defined the notion of significant demand and was based primarily on ten-year census data. Since then, the Government has expanded its efforts into other key areas concerning the vitality of official language minority communities, especially arts and culture, where federal institutions play a key role in terms of access, creation, development, and sustainability.

Released on March 12,and ending on March 31,the Action Plan for Official Languages is a policy statement of the Government of Canada that specifies the implementation of obligations under the Official Languages Act and includes a number of initiatives aimed at the enhancement and promotion of linguistic duality in Canadian society and the development of official language minority communities.

In order to contribute to their vitality, the Action Plan provided for measures in the fields of early childhood, health, justice, immigration and economic development. It also invested to support the federal partnership with the provinces and territories and to promote community radio and community leadership. Inthe Enabling Fund for Official language minority Communities was added to reinforce community capacity in human resource and economic development. The Plan also calls for accountability and coordination measures.

The framework described in the Action Plan is prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr on accountability, results and transparency. This framework guided the coordination of actions undertaken by the federal government and the evaluation of their impact prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr future results in the area of official languages.

Within the public service, the Action Plan sought improvements in prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr areas of service provision in both official languages, equitable participation of French- prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr English-speaking Canadians in the federal administration, the use of both languages in the workplace, and support for language training for public servants occupying bilingual positions and integrating language training into professional development on a more proactive basis.

In the third sentence of the first paragraph of this section: I also had the opportunity to meet with a number of stakeholders, such as the Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick, and the Commissioner of Official Languages, Mr. The last of such meetings was held on February 7, when I prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr with certain provincial ministers responsible for prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr Canadian Francophonie.

At the regional events and the wrap-up event, individuals and organizations working in the fields of linguistic duality and official languages had the opportunity to respond to the questions asked in a discussion document and to raise important issues they are facing. At these one-day meetings, approximately one hour was set aside for discussion of each theme, with a period at the end of the day for open discussion.

During each thematic discussion, participants had the opportunity to respond to the questions raised in the discussion document see Appendix B.

Although the open discussion had been planned for the end of the day, the participants were prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr to feel free to speak throughout the day on any matter they wished to address. The objective prepa commerciale option economique saint-cyr the consultations was to gather perspectives and ideas on initiatives to be considered in developing the strategy for the next phase of the Action Plan for Official Languages, so that the Government of Canada can act on its desire and commitment to promote linguistic duality and the vitality of the official language minority communities.

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