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Here she sfo to interview forex traders dubai an insight into one of her sfo to interview forex traders dubai busy days…. I also get on really well with my team and we often go for drinks together, even without clients… and you can be sure to bump into half the trading floor at the bar downstairs on Thursdays and Fridays. Aside from that, it is probably getting a trade agreed that involves a fair bit of time and negotiation on sfo to interview forex traders dubai sides, or successfully pitching an idea to a client which creates a trade that otherwise would not have happened.

In sales your role is very client facing. I sit on a hybrid fixed income desk dealing with cash and derivative products in both rates and credit — and globally. We have around clients ranging from small hedge funds and asset managers to agency brokers and structured product desks.

The largest component of our client base though are Private Banks throughout Europe. As you might expect in markets, most clients tend to want to do things at a similar time due to movements and news flow.

When this happens you can be dealing with several live trades at once, and because of how easy and how costly it can be to make mistakes this can put you under a lot of pressure.

However, just as the peaks come together, so do the lulls — so you usually get several chances in the day to re-compose yourself and take a break. If you get as far as to joining sfo to interview forex traders dubai firm as an analyst in Markets, chances are you find current and macro affairs really interesting, and there is no role that could be more in the centre of them. In Sales and Trading you are able to do pretty much the same job as your boss very quickly they do it at a much higher levelbut you get autonomy, a genuine feel of the job and an ability to contribute something meaningful much quicker than most other graduate jobs.

Whilst the markets are different every day, and so no two days are the same, the general top down idea remains constant. At a junior level your bosses often give you more routine-based tasks to ease you in with some structure, but as you progress the role is very entrepreneurial and the day is yours to do with what you see best.

Nomura offers one of the earliest opportunities to progress from analyst level of all major banks and the age range of senior employees shows that you can climb quickly should you prove yourself fit. Thanks to the Prince's Trust, they've given some insight into how to set out in the business world on your own, or in other words - how to become an entrepreneur. Sfo to interview forex traders dubai we caught up with two successful graduates of the Exponential-e Sales Academy, Liam and Eric, to shed some light on some on what the world of work is like sfo to interview forex traders dubai and more specifically, sales in the technological industry.

The prospect of life after university can be daunting. Do you jump straight into the world of work or take a break to travel? What if we told you that you could do both? He offers his advice about getting into the industry. Last week London was named the second most tech-friendly city in the world. We thought we'd take that opportunity to talk tech with someone that knows about it, so we sat down with James Broad, a web developer who has worked with BBC, Yahoo and Moo.

Here's what he had to say Ellie Biessek is a rare case — a maths teacher by trade, she accidentally discovered poker in and became fascinated by sfo to interview forex traders dubai game, eventually giving up her job in the teaching profession to take on the big time in the Poker world.

Read on to find out more about life as a graduate in private tax…. Not everyone in the Home Office is a politician or civil servant. The government needs accountants too! Dr Niall Campbell is a Consultant Psychiatrist, who specialises in working with patients with an addiction.

Here, he speaks about how he became a psychiatrist, what he enjoys most about his career and provides advice to current medical students who may be considering a career in this field. We also asked what career advice they had for sfo to interview forex traders dubai aspiring to land a job in the industry Edward Grissell took on the fast-paced industry of sales on the global markets after graduating from university with a graduate role at multinational bank Nomura.

How has he found the experience so far? Is it all work, work, work on a school leaver programme? The idea of jumping straight in at the deep end in the working world immediately after finishing school can be a bit daunting, but there is plenty of help and social events sfo to interview forex traders dubai on to get you into the loop! Brooke Cullum is a school leaver at professional services firm BDO. Fancy a fast-track route to manager level?

Following a first taste of work in a law firm aged sfo to interview forex traders dubai, and excited by the practical aspects of the job, Charlotte Pitt knew a career as a solicitor was the way for her. Having studied for a law degree and now in the thick of her LPC course with BPP in Birmingham, Charlotte gives us an insight into the course and some top tips for this essential stage on the road to becoming a qualified solicitor.

There is a common saying in sfo to interview forex traders dubai industry: I began to look at myself as a product on a shelf and started to employ all the managerial and marketing techniques any successful business would to make their product the brand leader.

You may be a great singer, actor, model, dancer, producer, director or casting director, but unless people know who you are your talents might as well be given to someone else. Thinking about youth work? I have really enjoyed my career, but there are a few things that you might want to sfo to interview forex traders dubai before you make up your mind.

Do you want the inside scoop on law vacation schemes? She told us why vacation schemes are so important, how to make a good impression, and how to nail that application form…. We chatted to Victoria about training contract application forms and managed to get the inside scoop on American law firm salaries, commercial awareness, international secondments and much, much more…. Think parties, big money and… sfo to interview forex traders dubai plenty of studying.

However, two-thirds of people employed in the financial services are based outside of London. There are rich pickings to be had beyond the Big Smoke: Noel Qualter is a professional magician.

We caught up with Noel to chat about his favourite tricks, his heroes, his mistakes and his most memorable moments as a magician….

InSteven Peace left Britain behind to turn his sfo to interview forex traders dubai for windsurfing into a full-time career. He currently works for Mark Warner in Sardinia and spends his days teaching people how to windsurf.

We caught up with Steven to find out more about his life on the waves…. For this type of underwater diving, all you need is a big pair of lungs, a decent pair of fins and some serious determination. Freediving gives you the opportunity to explore the underwater world in complete serenity.

Emma Farrell does just that. We chatted to Emma about her professional life as a freediver and found out exactly how long she can hold her breath for…. Jack Moxon decided to train to be a solicitor after completing a non-law undergraduate degree.

After making a great impression in his placement year, Carl Holloway was asked to return to Nomura as a Graduate Developer following graduation. This is a unique industry, where cash meets conscience. To be money-driven is not frowned upon in this trade; quite the contrary, it is flagrantly encouraged and sfo to interview forex traders dubai, so much so that bonus schemes and structures are often the first items on the agenda.

Why did you choose to leave the private sector for a career in the third sector? I was making an escape from the person that I had become through the stress of running of my own business. Having initially trained as a solicitor with international law firm Ashurst, Steve Weiner has enjoyed a diverse career in learning and development, training and … stand-up comedy.

An award-winning comedian, we chatted to Steve about the benefits of his blend of performance and legal experience in his role as a Business Skills Sfo to interview forex traders dubai. Sheila Crowley works as a literary agent for Curtis Brown, one of the oldest independent literary agencies in Europe.

Thinking of heading straight into business after school? A School Leaver Programme could be just your cup of tea! There are opportunities available with some of the biggest professional services firms in the business. Tom Johnson left school after finishing his A-levels and headed straight into the working world with a school leaver programme with Mazars. He gave us an insight into life on the school leaver programme Think opera and you might picture a fat lady with horns giving it some welly, not an exciting, and often glamorous, sfo to interview forex traders dubai opportunity.

Soprano Samantha Crawford lets us into a few home truths about what it is really like to be an emerging classical artist. Think amazing costumes, staggeringly creative people and plenty of hard work. Curtains up as we present the new fresh face of opera…. As the main vacation scheme deadline approaches, now's the time to knuckle down and send in those applications. With application deadlines for consulting graduate schemes approaching, we decided to get some up to the minute advice from Anthony Takyi, Student Recruitment Manager at PwC.

We chatted to Anthony about the Consulting application process and managed to get the inside scoop on the importance of commercial awareness and the amount of work experience you need to succeed…. Andri Christofides is a student at the University of Surrey currently undertaking a placement at F. Peter Robinson is a defence lawyer who specialises in international criminal law. We chatted to Peter about making the transition from prosecution to defence, the value of doing an internship, and the challenges of working as a defence lawyer on such a high-profile war crimes case….

Cyber security is still a relatively new area, constantly evolving as a result of the tech savvy world in which we live. But what did this experience entail? We chatted to Joanne about her international seat in Corporate Finance and the best thing about living and working in Moscow…. Taiwanese by birth, Malene Wang grew up in the United States and studied computer science at university.

After graduating she worked as a computer programmer in the financial services industry for six years. Having been transferred over to the UK, Malene was made redundant when the financial crisis hit in This was the catalyst that prompted her to pursue a career in law.

Jonathan Hayward is a senior audit manager at professional services firm Mazars. As part of his role, he had the opportunity to take some time to go and work in a Mazars office in another part of the work. He tells us about his secondment experiences in South Africa…. Wondering what to expect on the LPC? Need some advice on how to tackle that all-important year?

An expert on war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, she has used her specialist knowledge to help indict war criminals in Bosnia and has spoken at conferences all over the world, from Rwanda to San Francisco. We chatted to Iva about her career so far, her plans for the future, and what it takes to develop a career on the analytical side of international criminal law…. The Middle East is a hive of opportunity for trainee solicitors who want to experience a different office and culture during their training contract.

International law firm Norton Rose Fulbright offers their trainees the chance to join the Abu Dhabi office amongst others.

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