Trading Penny Stocks: From $583.15 to $100k in 44 Days

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The name 'penny stocks' was originally given to stocks that had a share price of less than a pound. These days the term has been expanded to cover stocks that are valued over a pound as well, but generally penny stocks have low share prices. They are usually characterised by high volatility and are seen as high-risk stocks but with the possibility of significant growth.

The appeal of penny stocks and shares successful penny stock trading easy to see. And of course, if your penny share one day goes on to join the blue chips, you will end up making many successful penny stock trading of percent return.

If we add into the mix the folklore of a friend of a friend of a friend — or to bring it more up to date, someone on the internet — who made a successful penny stock trading or more from penny shares, their appeal is cemented. But before you get caught up in the thrill of penny stocks, take a breath and a step back. Penny shares are normally penny shares for a reason — they usually don't make very good investments. The company may have been losing money for years, or it may be in a highly speculative industry mining is always a popular one.

The penny share speculator successful penny stock trading to go in with their eyes open. The suggestion to do your own research is often quoted when it comes to investing in stock markets, and is probably even more true of penny stocks. As they tend not to see too much daily volume successful penny stock trading stock markets, it often successful penny stock trading take a large buy or sell order to move the price. If plenty of people are talking about a penny share down the pub or more likely on internet chat rooms, that can also influence the price.

It's important not to get sucked into an investment just because it has had a large one-day move and you are afraid of missing out. What goes up quickly can come down even quicker — so make sure your reasons for investing are the right ones. Successful penny stock trading penny shares are cheaper per share than the major companies, the costs can end up being more, as a percentage of your total investment.

This means the penny share has to rise more for you to actually make a profit. It can mean that if you change your mind very quickly about the investment, you end up taking a bigger loss than you were banking on. This is another important point to consider when trading in penny stocks.

If you are happy with your research and have gone ahead successful penny stock trading made your investment, another key point is: It can be very easy to sit back and wait for it to double once more. When sentiment changes on smaller shares it can perform an about-turn very quickly, taking all of your hard-won profit, and maybe more.

Getting in to the position is only half the plan of investing, in fact some would say it actually accounts for less than that. Where you get out will determine just how successful penny stock trading will be for you. Disclaimer CMC Markets is successful penny stock trading execution-only service provider.

The material whether or not it states any opinions is for general information purposes only, and does not take into account your personal circumstances or objectives. Nothing in this material is or should be successful penny stock trading to be financial, investment or other advice on which reliance should be placed. No opinion given in the material constitutes a recommendation by CMC Markets or the author that any particular investment, security, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person.

CMC Markets does not endorse or offer opinion on the trading strategies used by the author. Their trading strategies do not guarantee any return and CMC Markets shall not be held responsible for any loss that you may incur, either directly or indirectly, arising from any investment based on any successful penny stock trading contained herein.

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How do I fund my account? How do I place a trade? Do you offer a demo account? How can I switch accounts? Create an account Trade over 9. Open a demo CFD account. How to trade penny stocks.

Finding the right stocks But before you get caught up in the thrill of penny stocks, take a breath and a step back. Fundamental analysis The penny share speculator needs to go in with their eyes open. Keep an eye on trading costs Although penny shares are cheaper per share than the major companies, the costs can end up being more, as a percentage of your total investment.

Securing your profits If you are happy with your research and have gone ahead and made your investment, another key point is: Live account Access our full range of markets, trading tools and features. Open a live account Losses can exceed your deposits. Demo account Try CFD trading with virtual funds in a risk-free environment. Open a demo account. Sign up for free.

Live account Access our full range of products, trading tools and features. CFD trading successful penny stock trading result in losses that exceed your deposits. Ensure you understand the risks.

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