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Another interest of mine is finding ways to be more efficient in life. I get nothing trading journal template software mentioning any of these apps and websites. In addition, I use the Mac for productivity-related tasks such as recording notes about my trading and the market during the day, sharing my vulgar thoughts on Twitter, responding to e-mails, and browsing the Internet. For some traders with methodologies that require tracking multiple markets and stocks concurrently, this may not be a viable option.

I use TradeStation for charting and at times for trade execution. I find their charting software to be one of the most intuitive trading journal template software user friendly in the industry. TradeStation has some drawbacks, specifically when it comes to their alert system, which is why I use TC and thinkorswim to set and manage alerts. TradeStation data and trading journal template software fees vary based on trading journal template software types of markets that you trade and the number of trade executions that you make per month, respectively.

That being said, I would not recommend thinkorswim for day traders. TD Ameritrade sells retail trading journal template software flow to high frequency traders, essentially putting you in a disadvantageous spot from the moment you press the Buy or Sell button. They also have a really nice mobile app iOSalso for free. Trading journal and analysis website. As a trader, TraderVue is perhaps my most valuable tool. I use it to log all of my trading journal template software and investments.

In addition, I use it to journal each day, both at the trade level and at the day level. TraderVue allows you to share your trades publicly, should you choose to do so I do not, simply because I use the tool as an internal trading journal template software. In addition, I create my trade plan for trading journal template software day, including both long and short scenarios since one never knows exactly what the market will do.

I also review the notes that I took during the trading day for each trade and add any additional notes or observations that I may have overlooked during market hours. On a weekly and monthly basis, I return to TraderVue to analyze the data, filtering it down by account and trading strategy to see how Trading journal template software am progressing. I also have a very clear picture via the plethora of reports about my performance at certain times of the day, on specific days of the week, in specific market environments, and much more.

TraderVue is incredibly powerful if you make use of its many features. TraderVue has a few plans to choose from: You do get Journaling, Reporting, and Sharing, though, which is good for the basic user.

Awais, on the other hand, is an educator. What I like about Awais and his service is that he focuses a lot of time on market context and risk management. These two variables are arguably by me the most important pieces of the trading puzzle.

Though I create my own trade plan each morning, I always make sure to watch his trade plan video to get the perspective of another professional trader. I always find there to be tremendous value in these recap videos. Awais walks through the entire day, from open to close, analyzing and interpreting market action. You can also take a lot of the fundamental trading concepts trading journal template software methodological components that you learn through the recap videos and apply them to other markets and trading vehicles.

The webinar slides are included as separate downloads, in addition to some other supplemental downloads. A book that teaches a brilliant methodology, not in trading, but in productivity. This book will teach you how to be a master of productivity, even if productivity and organization do not come natural to you. A To-Do app that provides the perfect framework for a central part of the Getting Things Done productivity methodology see book above. I have tried a lot of To-Do apps on the market today.

None of them, in my opinion, come even close to OmniFocus. As an example, I have one project that encompasses all aspects of my daily trading routine, reminding me at specific times when to do specific actions which guarantees that I never let anything slip through the cracks. Evernote is another app that fits extremely well into a GTD productivity methodology see book above. Evernote is another app that is indispensable once you begin using it as part of a GTD system.

The Quick Note feature when enabled within the Evernote settings resides in the Mac menu bar. I use this all the time. This app makes it incredibly easy to scan paper documents, receipts, business cards, etc.

Evernote has a Basic level free which allows you to use Evernote lightly 60 MB of new uploads each month. Fantastical trading journal template software a great alternative to the Calendar app found on Mac and iOS devices.

Both are a steal considering how much easier they make it to create events using natural language in a single, simple sentence.

Alfred App for Mac Description: If you have a Mac, then you absolutely need to download Alfred. I use this app extensively as a means to quickly open apps, websites, and Google searches, run commands e. Depending on the characters inputted into Alfred, option s will appear in list format. Running system commands is equally as painless as opening an app. You can also copy the results of any calculation to the OS X clipboard by simply pressing the Return key.

Alfred Workflows can be downloaded or you can create your own. In addition, you are not just limited to opening specific trading journal template software with keyboard shortcuts — there is a wide range of triggers, inputs, actions, and outputs to choose from. As I said, I use Alfred extensively. Here is a list of its features directly from the Alfred website: Alfred is free to download on the Mac.

Google Docs and Google Sheets are online word processor and spreadsheet tools that let you create and format text documents and spreadsheets and collaborate with other people in real time. When Google Docs and Google Sheets were released and then improved upon over time, it was a no brainer for me to make trading journal template software switch. Their feature sets are just as capable and I would argue more intuitive as Word, Excel, Pages, and Numbers.

Trading journal template software find it to be incredibly convenient to be able to pull up a document from the cloud on any device Mac, PC, iOS, Android, etc. Also, gone are the days when your piece of shit word processor app would crash before you were able to save the last 3 hours of changes. Finally, Google Docs and Google Sheets have excellent sharing and real time collaboration capabilities.

Want to share or edit in real time your trading business plan with your mentor? We like easy around these parts. I recommend configuring Google Drive to automatically sync all of your documents from the cloud to your local hard drive in the chance that something were to ever happen to the Google servers.

Though they have backup and redundancy plans in place, one can never be too careful when it comes to protecting personal data from being lost.

Google Docs and Google Sheets are free. Harvest is a simple time tracking app. As a trader, I like to keep track of my time. Perhaps you could try trading journal template software for 3 hours per day over the course of a month to see if trading less yields different results.

Harvest makes it really easy to quickly start and stop timers for specific tasks throughout the day on your Mac, iOS, and Android devices. In addition, you can manage projects and tasks, view your timesheet, start and stop timers, etc.

I find this to be adequate given that I trade for myself and only need 2 projects. Automated time tracking app for Mac, PC, and Android. This app is different from Harvest in that you install it on your computer and it automatically tracks your activity. However, Trading journal template software do use this every day on my Mac to see where I am spending my time during the trading day.

At any time during the day, I can access the RescueTime Dashboard via the trading journal template software bar shortcut on a Mac. This Dashboard allows me to get a real time update as to how Productive I am being for the day. Here is an example of what it looks like: In addition, they have a number trading journal template software reports that you can access some only accessible with the Premium versionalerts and goals that you can set Premium onlythe ability to log Offline time i.

RescueTime by default has an idle time of 5 minutes. If an idle time of 5 minutes is too trading journal template software for you, then you can contact the RescueTime support team and they can extend it for as long as you need. I have mine set to 30 minutes, currently. The Free version allows you to track time and view basic repots.

For many, this will be more than enough. There is also a website version. A personal finance and online budgeting website. I find tremendous value in Mint, trading journal template software personally and professionally. I have 2 separate accounts — one for business trading use and one for personal use.

I use it to set budgets, monitor capital and net worth across multiple accounts bank accounts, credit cards, brokerage accounts, loans, etc. Many successful traders that I know are frugal when it comes to spending not when it comes to giving to others, though and diligent when it comes to keeping a budget. I highly recommend opening an account for personal use and another for business use and make it a habit to check Mint at least once a week to make sure that 1 your transactions are being categorized correctly and 2 your spending is in line with your budget s.

Mint is free to use. A third party Twitter app for Mac and iOS devices. This is the most polished trading journal template software party Twitter app on the market today. This app really makes using Twitter fun and easy. I still think that Tweetdeck trading journal template software the best Twitter app if you want to follow a number of different ticker symbols or searches concurrently.

Though Tweetbot has multi column support, Tweetdeck still does this one thing trading journal template software than anything else. SocialBro is an advanced solution for the management and analysis of Twitter communities.

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I'll go into what it is and how to safely download it below. It's an excel spreadsheet that's set up as a type of trade journal, which has tabs for pasting charts provided with comment sections for each chart-paste area and a very useful risk calculator for leveraged trades in bitcoin.

You can click here referral link to sign up for a trading account at 1Broker requires only an email verification and is free of charge. This tab is set up as a trade journal entry that lays out the general broad scope trading plan s for the upcoming week.

It consists of five text boxes for comments and a heading box to highlight the week in question. Below is an image demonstrating what it looks like and one way to use it.

If something big should occur in the market sometime within this week, like the Brexit event which occurred fairly recently, then I'll note that in one of the currently blank boxes. Each area for pasting a chart has a text box assigned to it, allowing for us to detail out why we consider it a viable trade and how we're approaching the trade from an entry and exit standpoint.

Below is an image of how this tab looks when empty, followed by another image that gives an example of what pasting a chart in may case from TradingView. This tab looks exactly the same as Watchlist and is meant to be used as a section to lay out all the trades that we have on-order through our brokerage. These are trades that may not execute if the entry price isn't reached , but they still have risk tied up in them due to the fact that they can become actual positions at some time along the week.

The spreadsheet on this tab allows us to calculate how much money bitcoin we have to put up for risk in order to get our desired stop risk.

If this is a long position, entering all the above values will produce a position cost of about 0. This example is shown in the below image. This is probably the most important tab from a trade journal perspective as a way to look over past trades and reasoning. The tab, itself, has a layout that exactly matches both the Watchlist and On Order tabs. It's purpose is for saving the charts of trades that have actually executed and detailing how the trade worked out was the stop or target hit?

It is also a valuable gauge for how effective our new approach is after tweaks, should we decide to change our trade method s anywhere along our path. If so, I provide you with details on how to download this excel file to your own computer, wherein you'll have total control to use the spreadsheets as I made them and change them in any manner that suits you.

This brings you to Microsoft Onedrive , a cloud sharing service that Microsoft provides for Microsoft Office and later users. However, you don't have to use Microsoft Office or later to use or modify this file.

Even the freely downloadable and free-to-use knock-off of Microsoft Office, called Open Office http: Click on the pull-down menu that provides you with the download option highlighted in the circle with the arrow pointing to it in the image below:. Now it's yours to play around with and change in any way that you wish. You're free to use it and share with others even for profit! What's Included in the Spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet consists of five tabs: Notes This tab is set up as a trade journal entry that lays out the general broad scope trading plan s for the upcoming week. On Order This tab looks exactly the same as Watchlist and is meant to be used as a section to lay out all the trades that we have on-order through our brokerage.

Stop Positioning This is my favorite tab, the one I get the most use and value from on a daily basis. Trades This is probably the most important tab from a trade journal perspective as a way to look over past trades and reasoning.

How to Download the Excel File 1. Go to the following web address: Click on the pull-down menu that provides you with the download option highlighted in the circle with the arrow pointing to it in the image below: Click on the download tab from that pull-down menu circled in the below image: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.