Review: Mata serves good Brazilian bar snacks (and some of the best sliders in town)

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Usually they could see the signal, but were never able to connect to it. Finally with these settings they hooked up:. I still had some old VMware Fusion 6. As I was recently using more advanced Virtual Box features, I decided to unify all virtual machine instances with Virtual Box.

Turned out this is straight forward, if only you know what you do! So langsam reicht es. Die Apfel-Logo Company scheint wirklich alles falsch zu machen. Wie um alles in der Welt kann man dann immer noch so erfolgreich sein? Nach ein paar Jahren nun erneut ein herantasten an die Apps Entwicklung.

Ein was ist die optionstaste beim mac Versuch ist schon damals mit einem der ersten iPod Touchs misslungen. Aber was ist die optionstaste beim mac, damals wollte Apple nicht mal nen SDK rausbringen. Also frisch ans Werk. Ach ne, ich vergass. Keine 3 Jahre alt, schon unbrauchbar: Aber selbst wenn das erfolgt, dann ist mein iPod schon Elektronik-Schrott. Und dabei bevorzugt um Mitternacht Schlangen bilden und ihr Geld auszugeben.

Die ersten ausgemusterten was ist die optionstaste beim mac wurden schon hinterm Busch in Afrika gesichtet. You might even think about self-hosting instead of using the services from wordpress.

Doing so is easy, but also eats up resources on your system and even worse, opens the door of security holes. You need to think about a lot of things like file permissions, database access, web server config, the PHP subsystem. And of course WordPress itself. So you need to update often. Over and over again. But always feel bad and that you should do something about was ist die optionstaste beim mac. If you depend on many WordPress plugins, then move on.

Of course with this you remove all the dynamics of your system. I think comments could easily moved to an external service like disqus. To jump-start your local installation, the wonders of virtualization came in handy for me. Deploying this to a virtual machine of your choice, migrating your old data from the live WordPress over to the Turnkey installation is all you need. Afterwards you can work completely locally on your WordPress content and setup.

Then simply invoke a script similar to the one below to automatize the update of your production system. And voila, you have a static mirror of your WordPress content for free. IT services like access to computers and especially was ist die optionstaste beim mac gets more important. Even or especially in rural places like the south-eastern District of Neno. As one basic principle everybody gets access to the network — either government, APZU employees and to some extend private people.

Of course this has the downside of potentially hurting commercial Internet cafes as many people throughout Neno Boma get Internet access for free. But a relatively fast and working Internet has a number of impacts on the work. Medical research, easy communication, and heck, sometimes it simply entertains…. Over the past few years the communication needs were growing rapidly. We have tried multiple approaches for the local network and the Internet connectivity and went through a couple of design generations.

Usually just to realize that the reality was outgrowing our solution. With the current network in Neno we are probably running the biggest public WiFi hotspot in Malawi. With a coverage of a half square mile and up to unique systems utilizing the network on average.

Currently the system combines a couple of freely available software components together with carefully selected, inexpensive commodity hardware and 1. As we have gained quite a bit of experience we feel that the current system will scale-up even beyond our expectations for the next 2 or 3 years.

Putting down all the details is a little bit too much for this post, so I only provide stuff for the buzzword bingo. Get in touch if you want to learn more about it:. Of course such a system still costs money, but it seems well worth the price if the system is designed carefully.

And as most of the components are free and the hardware costs are minimal, it basically comes down to the costs for the sat link granted still fricking expensive in rural Africa and your expertise.

Even in our digital world you was ist die optionstaste beim mac want to convert your wordpress blog into a paper book. Of course there are services available claiming to do so. This is where most of the magic happens and also the most fragile part.

The script is aligned to the elements I typically on my blogs and it might differ from others. Basically it takes the XML file, filters for the posted and published stories, tags the various elements with different HTML classes and has some processing around images to include captions and mouse-over titles.

It returns the HTML on the console, so best is to invoke it like this: Now the pictures are still on the wordpress server. This is sadly required for the Word import. Save as docx for future needs and always keep the images folder with the docx. More general info about ebooks. Note about Apple Pages: Using Apple Pages seems the more obivous choice for text processing on a Mac. Two workarounds are available: Unfortunately all pictures are scaled up tot he full page and this makes it painful if you have plenty of pictures embedded.

Note about Microsoft Word for Mac: It turned out that my mac version had multiple hiccups with a few hundred pages of text and plenty of included pictures. Switching to Windows made it less stressful for me. Note about Microsoft Word: Seems plain wrong to me that recent versions of Word have problems with images you want to link in. My impression is that if you include a picture via a link to an external file, Word creates an absolute file path reference to this.

Of course this makes it impossible to move the document and was ist die optionstaste beim mac around — even on your own local system. And when trying to embed to files right into the docx which of course can seriously bloat the file size upat least form e many pictures changed the scaling. Some oft hem were even uglily transformed. Lots has been written about it. There is even an official guideline provided by Google.

Many different ways to use it, but fact is that the default config is bloody useless. Go and test it! Test it multiple times, in and out of every direction you can think of. If your local mail client shows weird behavior after all these configs, invoke a Rebuild or Reconcile or however it is called from your client to was ist die optionstaste beim mac mails with Gmail.

Lots has been written about EMRs. Now how can was ist die optionstaste beim mac think this can possibly work in resource-poor settings? Settings that constantly attract classifications like under-staffed, under-trained, under-paid, under-motivated, under-equipped?

Well, among a few others Partners In Health tries. Finally we could scale up and keep the system running. Even with the ongoing decentralization of clinical services when we went from 0 to 12 distributed, remote clinics and from 0 to thousands of patient records.

Was ist die optionstaste beim mac that time we might have had the only working EMR capturing the population of a whole District and being compliant to the guidelines for HIV services defined by the Ministry of Health in Malawi. They have the most complete set of tools for the health care sector in Malawi and were a constant source of inspiration. Health care systems can be different, so are users and particular workflows. Therefore a one-size-fits-all system might fail.

Be prepared to adapt it. Maybe even more so. To make it short: A was ist die optionstaste beim mac part of data entry is … well … data entry. So make this easy and fool-proof. Otherwise you have a perfect example of GIGO. Well known and often referred too. But almost as many times cluelessly ignored. Throw away stuff were you or someone else! This does not only apply to an EMR, but already to a clinic itself. Often little things can decide about was ist die optionstaste beim mac or loosing.

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You will not find a better hangover cure, though the pizza itself can be a bit stiff and tasteless. About as far away from Italy as you can get. The flavour reminds me of my student days. Even if this is good value for money some cheaper options taste better.

Though the Just Eat delivery service was speedy and top notch. The dough is second to none, chewy and springy. Every now and then the crust is blistered and blackened where it has bubbled in the wood-fired oven. The tomato sauce has a zippy tang and the toppings all taste fresh. This chunky pizza is the very definition of a guilty takeaway. The tomato sauce is dull, the cheese bland and the topping is crispy at the edges, but otherwise uneventful.

Not my favourite out of all the ones tested. The cheese is on the stringy side and not very flavoursome while the texture is like chewing plastic. Not impressed by this one at all.

Like Pizza Express, Italian chain Zizzi is attempting to muscle in on the takeaway game, flogging restaurant-quality food via online service Ubereats. Again it tastes great but I would rather eat out in the restaurant for the same price. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can change this and find out more by following this link.

Your Sun Sign in. To make sure your pizza pie is top value for money we got busy with our rulers. Oliver Dixon - olliedixon. Pizza - history and numbers. You can change this and find out more by following this link Close.